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Generic Name: indinavir (in DIN a veer)


Brand Names: Crixivan


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Indinavir belongs to a group of protease inhibitor antiviral drugs. The medication warns multiplication of the human immunodeficiency virus cells. As a result, the treatment serves a dependable remedy for HIV or AIDS infected people. However, keep in mind that Indinavir is not a cure for these disorders. Instead, the drug can also be administered in other instances, not listed in the safety guide.


Instructions for Safe Indinavir Use


Follow the prescription and safety directions for proper Indinavir use. Never adjust the dose on your own, neither change the prescribed one. The medication dose will differ greatly, depending on the severity of the condition, overall health state, other pharmaceuticals you take, etc. However, the most common Indinavir dose reaches 800 mg each 8 hours. Even though it depends on the case, general recommendations remain the same. It is preferable to use Indinavir on an empty stomach, an hour before or two hours after the meal. Follow the schedule to administer the drug at the same time every day. Drink much water during the course to balance kidney functioning.


Indinavir should be administered daily in order to get the maximal advantage possible. Frequent medical tests may be required during the course, since the treatment can negatively affect certain body functions. Keep in mind that Indinavir is usually just a part of the overall therapy, which can also include other drugs, herbals, etc.


Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings before the Medication Intake


Inform your medical specialist about all the health impairments you have, especially the ones that may interact with Indinavir therapy. Never use the medication if you are sensitive to its components or similar pharmaceuticals. Patients with the following health complications are contraindicated for Indinavir intake:


Increased cholesterol or triglycerides;
Kidney stones or other kidney complications;
Cirrhosis and similar liver impairments;
Bleeding disorders and others.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should eliminate the medication intake, since it can lead to aggravating abnormalities and harmful impacts on unborn and nursing children.


Indinavir Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals


Dangerous and life-threatening symptoms may appear in patients, who combine Indinavir with other pharmaceuticals without doctor’s prescription. Such mixes can lead to aggravating problems and bothersome symptoms. Do not use Indinavir together with remedies that may interact with it, especially:


Antifungal drugs;
Seizure remedies;
Blood pressure treatments;
Steroid medications;
HIV/AIDS drugs, etc.


Side Effects and Misuse Consequences


Contact your healthcare specialist the moment you have noticed any abnormalities related to Indinavir intake. Pay exceptional attention to the following issues:


Dizziness, drowsiness;
Heartburn, angina;
Indigestion, diarrhea;
Increased blood sugar, etc.


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