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Innopran XL

Generic Name: propranolol (pro PRAN oh lol)


Brand Names: Hemangeol, Inderal LA, Inderal XL, InnoPran XL


Where to buy Innopran XL online?




Innopran XL belongs to a class of drugs called beta blockers, and it’s taken by patients to treat hypertension. This is what allows them to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other serious health problems. Basically, this medication works by blocking the action of specific natural substances in the human body because they affect blood vessels and heart. The use of Innopran XL results in lowering of blood pressure, heart rates and strain on your heart. Some patients take it to treat tremors and irregular heartbeats, migraine headaches and chest pain.


Basic Warnings and Common Uses


It’s not allowed to start this treatment without consulting medical professionals, especially if you have angina, heart diseases, etc. The intake of Innopran XL should be decreased gradually while limiting physical activities to reduce strain on your heart. When you develop such unwanted symptoms as fast heartbeats, unusual sweating, chest pain, pressure in your chest, difficulty breathing and others, you need to go to the hospital at once.


It’s advisable to use Innopran XL orally, and doctors recommend their patients to take it only once a day, at their bedtime. Daily doses are prescribed based on individual tolerance and specific medical conditions, but they must be taken at the same time of the day. Usually, it takes up to a few weeks to experience full benefits of this treatment.


List of Innopran XL Side Effects


This medication may rarely cause certain adverse effects, but most of them are mild, including:


Unusual tiredness and dizziness;
Lightheadedness and allergies;
Vomiting and nausea;
Stomach pain and vision changes;
Unusual dreams and difficulty sleeping.


If any of these signs worsen, you need to call your doctor at once. Innopran XL may also decrease the blood flow into feet and hands, thus, leading to feeling cold, and regular smoking only worsens this effect. Most patients who undergo this treatment don’t develop any serious side effects, such as:


Blue toes and fingers;
Shortness of breath and fainting;
Swelling feet and ankles;
Mood and mental changes;
Reduced sexual ability and slow heartbeats;
Tingling and numbness of legs and arms;
Increased urination and thirst;
Sudden weight gain and signs of new infections;
Easy bleeding and bruising;
Swollen or aching joints.


When you develop any of these symptoms, get emergency medical help.


Important Innopran XL Contraindications


Before starting this therapy, doctors should know about your medical history, especially when it comes to allergies, heart rhythm problems, asthma, heart failure, breathing conditions, heart issues, hyperthyroidism, liver and kidney problems, tumors, diabetes, mood and mental disorders, blood circulation complications, nerve and muscle diseases, etc. Don’t combine Innopran XL with certain meds, such as colestipol, alpha blockers, calcium channel blockers or heart pills to avoid drug interactions.


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