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Kamagra Polo

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Brand Names: Kamagra Polo


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Looking for a fun way to deal with your erectile problems? If yes, Kamagra Polo offers the most effective solution because it comes with incredible fruit flavors and interesting shapes. You can easily find it online as special chewable pills that are quite popular among men of all age groups. Each tablet contains 100 mg of sildenafil citrate, which is a powerful PDE-5 inhibitor that offers an effective relief from erectile dysfunction.


Basic Facts about Taking Kamagra Polo


These chewable tablets are packed in convenient blisters, and they are small enough to be easily swallowed. Basically, the medication works by inhibiting the undesirable action of PDE-5, thus, making men more potent during their sexual activities. This enzyme destroys cGMP, a chemical responsible for increasing the amount of blood flowing into a penis. Once Kamagra Polo inhibits the action of PDE-5, cGMP functions are restored, so men can feel the excitement of getting and maintaining strong erections at the right time.


The main attraction that differentiates this innovative pill form is that it can be taken in a way similar to candies. Unlike other PDE-5 inhibitors and Kamagra versions that must be taken with water, you can simply chew this one and enjoy its fruit favors. Kamagra Polo is an effective medication which guarantees that users get a hard erection, but only if they’re sexually excited. Another great thing is that this famous ED medication not only engorges a penis, but it also helps men maintain the necessary state till their climax.


Recommended Doses of Kamagra Polo


The most common dosage of this medicine taken by many men is 100 mg, but it can be both decreased and increased according to personal needs and important health factors. It’s necessary to take one chewable tablet around 20-30 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse, and its positive effect will last around 4-6 hours. You can take Kamagra Polo without any water, unlike other available versions of this medication.

Possible Adverse Effects


The good news is that it’s a relatively mild medicine in terms of side effects, so that they are quite rare. However, some patients may still develop such unwanted symptoms as:


Increased blood pressure;
Stomach ulcers;
Headache and diarrhea;
Vision impairment and priapism;
Face flushing and sudden hearing changes.


If you suggest that you may have allergic reactions to its active ingredient, you need to do some tests before starting this ED treatment.


Other Cautions and Contraindications


Men who need to drive a car shouldn’t take Kamagra Polo to perform this activity safely. It’s not advisable to mix it with alcohol because they risk ending up with drowsiness and dizziness. Besides, if you eat fatty meals, the effectiveness and response time of this medication may be affected. Those patients who have serious kidney and liver conditions or suffer from heart diseases and blood pressure problems shouldn’t take Kamagra Polo at all to avoid health risks.


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