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Many men are familiar with Kamagra because this medication is often taken to treat male impotence, or erectile dysfunction. Basically, it belongs to PDE-5 inhibitors and contains sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. Its intake helps many men achieve and maintain their strong erections when being sexually aroused. To determine whether Kamagra is your best choice, you need to give answers to a few basic questions.


What Is This Medication Used for?


Kamagra is a popular ED medicine that comes as 100 mg pills taken by many men to treat their erectile problems. This medication is all about their inability to keep and get a firm and lasting erection because of an insufficient blood flow into penile tissues. It works by relaxing blood vessels in this area and increasing the blood flow, thus, causing an erection or a natural response to enough sexual stimulation. This means that Kamagra works only when men are sexually aroused.


How Does It Work?


As you already know, this medicine contains sildenafil citrate that targets erectile tissues and works by increasing the blood flow to lead to a firm and lasting erection. When men are sexually stimulated, their bodies start releasing nitric oxide in erectile tissues, and this chemical activates cGMP. This important enzyme relaxes penile blood vessels and allows more blood to fill its spongy tissues. However, there is another enzyme that breaks down cGMP, thus, preventing the necessary blood flow into penile tissues, resulting in the loss of erection. It’s called PDE-5, and Kamagra works by inhibiting its action and helping men to solve their erectile problems effectively.


How Long Does It Last?


It’s necessary to take Kamagra within one hour before your planned sexual intercourse. In most cases, this medication helps users get their erections in around 30 minutes, and this positive effect will last for about 4 hours.


What Does This Medication Contain?


Kamagra contains sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient, and it helps resolve erectile dysfunction in men by increasing their blood flow into penile tissues. Besides, there are other inactive components that this effective ED medicine contains, including lactose, titanium dioxide and others.


What Are Its Possible Side Effects?


The good news is that Kamagra is well tolerated by most users, so only a few of them may end up with mild side effects, such as dizziness, headache, rash, diarrhea, indigestion, and others. In rare cases, its intake may lead to serious symptoms, including urinary tract infections, changes in vision, irregular heartbeat, fainting, nose bleeding, etc.


When Should Men Refuse from Its Intake?


Kamagra is not advisable if you:


Take nitrates because this drug combination may lead to a serious drop in your blood pressure;
Have specific cardiovascular conditions;
Have liver and kidney problems;
Have uncontrolled high or low blood pressure;
Have eye diseases or allergic reactions.


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