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Generic Name: cephalexin


Brand Names: Keftab


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Keftab is a medication that belongs to a group of drugs called cephalosporin antibiotics. Basically, it works by fighting, killing and stopping the growth of bacteria in the human body. That’s why this medicine is taken by many patients to treat a number of bacterial infections, such as ear, skin, urinary tract and respiratory infections. However, the use of Keftab isn’t effective against cold, flu and other infections caused by viruses.


Important Directions and Common Doses


Patients need to take this medicine as it was prescribed by their doctors, and it’s the main rule that must be followed. As a patient, you shouldn’t take higher doses and for longer than needed. Pay attention to your detailed prescription schedule and follow it carefully. Keftab should be taken orally with enough water to prevent stomach ulcers. You need to take this medication for the full length of your treatment, even if your symptoms get better. That’s because bacterial infections must be treated completely to avoid their return in the nearest future. Sometimes, the intake of Keftab may cause unusual results of specific medical tests, so you should inform medical specialists about that.


Necessary Keftab Precautions


It’s not allowed to start this treatment if you have any allergic reactions to its active ingredients or similar medications. Besides, you need to inform your doctor about any other pre-existing health conditions when using Keftab, especially when it comes to liver and kidney problems, diabetes, poor nutrition, stomach and intestinal disorders, and so on.


Existing Contraindications to Know


In some cases, the use of Keftab is not recommended to patients, especially if they have possible allergies to any similar antibiotic or penicillin. It’s not advisable to start this treatment if you have kidney and liver problems, diabetes, poor nutrition, intestinal and stomach conditions, pregnancy and others. That’s why you should consult doctors before using this medication to avoid possible health complications and contraindications.


List of Expected Side Effects


Side effects are rare when using Keftab, but patients need to get emergency medical help once they develop such signs of allergic reactions as:


Difficulty breathing and hives;
Swelling and drowsiness;
Coughing and dizziness.


Moreover, you must stop taking this medication once you experience severe diarrhea (bloody or watery) and such serious and rare side effects as:


Fever and convulsions;
Migraines and sore throat;
Skin rash and peeling;
Yellow or pale skin;
Unusual weakness and mental confusion;
Easy bleeding and bruising;
Agitation and hallucinations:
Urine changes joint pain.


Finally, Keftab is associated with some drug interactions, and this means that you shouldn’t combine it with such medications as blood thinners and live bacterial vaccines. Tell doctors about any other drugs that you’re taking to avoid them.


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