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Generic Name: procyclidine (proe-SYE-kli-deen)


Brand Names: Kemadrin


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Kemadrin is a revolutionary anticholinergic medication that affects the smooth muscle, relaxing it and preventing the muscle spasm. As a result, the treatment has been widely used as a remedy for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Besides, the drug may be administered in other cases, not listed in the safety guide, but doctor’s prescription is inevitable in such instances.


Safety Considerations before Kemadrin Intake: Contraindications, Interactions and Precautions


Kemadrin is a powerful medication, which active components interfere with important body functions. That is why the treatment should be administered strictly in accordance with the doctor’s instructions and safety directions. Inform your healthcare provider about all the illnesses and health impairments you have primarily to Kemadrin therapy. Do not start the medication intake if you meet any contraindications. Patients, sensitive to the ingredients of the drug, should eliminate the medication use. Additionally, Kemadrin is not advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women due to a high risk of dangerous impact on the health of an unborn and nursing child. Moreover, the medication can aggravate the symptoms of angle-closure glaucoma.


Some other medical complications can interact with Kemadrin resulting in decreased drug effectiveness or undesirable abnormalities. So, provide your healthcare specialist with a complete list of diseases and impairments you have, paying ultimate attention to:


Allergies to foods and medications;
Mood or mental disorders;
Ulcerative colitis;
Urination difficulties;
Muscle weakness;
Kidney or liver complications;
Stomach blockage;
Abnormal blood pressure and others.


Other prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal supplements and similar pharmaceutical products may negatively contribute to Kemadrin therapy. Warn your physician about such remedies, especially Phenothiazines.

Promoting Safe Effect


Striving to experience positive changes, a patient should use the medication just as prescribed by a medical specialist. The slightest changes may aggravate the condition and stimulate the occurrence of severe side effects. Kemadrin should be used with or after the meal. Follow the doctor’s schedule to take the drug regularly and benefit from the positive effect. Skipping doses may decrease the result or make the body resistant to the treatment.

Side Effects and Consequences of Medication Misuse


Call your doctor the moment you have got any abnormalities after Kemadrin intake. Seek immediate medical assistance if the drug administration resulted in allergic reactions or other severe abnormalities. Report other complications to your doctor, especially:


Vision disorders;
Stomach issues;
Lightheadedness, anxiety, confusion;
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
Urination disorders, etc.


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