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Generic Name: granisetron (oral) (gra NIS e tron)


Brand Names: Granisol, Kytril


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Kytril serves a revolutionary medication that blocks the impact of the body chemicals stimulating the occurrence of nausea and vomiting.


Consequently, the medication is commonly used to eliminate such symptoms, especially if they are provoked by cancer treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy. Additionally, Kytril can be administered in other instances, not listed in the safety guide, though only after doctor’s approval.


Contact your medical specialist primarily to off-label Kytril use.


Recommendations for Safe Intake


Discuss the medication intake with your healthcare specialist to ensure its complete safety and effectiveness. Administer the medication in accordance with the mentioned safety instructions and directions listed in the safety leaflet. Serious allergic reactions and other abnormalities may bother you if you misuse Kytril, especially changing the dose. Do not administer the medication longer than necessary. Otherwise, you risk getting aggravating complications and unwanted side effects.


Commonly, Kytril is recommended for regular use, approximately an hour before the chemotherapy. The doses and other adjustments will vary greatly, based on specifications of patients’ health conditions. Once you have missed Kytril dose, you should take it the first possible moment. However, it is better to skip a dose rather than double the following one. Tell your physician about all the complications during the therapy.


Precautions, Warnings, Drug Interactions and Related Safety Issues before the Medication Administration


Starting the medication use without doctor’s consultation you risk getting negative consequences and dangerous impacts on the organism. Thus, talk to your healthcare specialist before the medication intake, warning him/her about all the illnesses, diseases and health abnormalities you have, including:


Heart complications;
Heart rhythm disorders;
Liver or kidney issues;
Long QT syndrome;
Electrolyte imbalances and others.


Kytril is contraindicated for people, who are sensitive to its ingredients or similar pharmaceuticals. Provide the doctor with a list of treatments you use, since some of them may interact with the medication causing certain health complications and disorders. Pregnant and breastfeeding women belong to a risk group, so they should be exceptionally cautious before and while taking the drug.


Kytril Misuse and Overuse: Symptoms and Complications


This powerful anti-vomiting treatment promotes a significant influence on the organism. However, the effect of the remedy may turn into negative if the drug is misused or overused. Address the nearest emergency room if you have noticed allergic reactions after Kytril use. Besides, call your healthcare provider if the medication intake activated other adverse reactions, especially:


Nausea and vomiting;
Increased heartbeat;
Symptoms of cold or flu;
Dizziness, drowsiness, etc.


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