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Generic Name: lamotrigine (la MOE tri jeen)


Brand Names: LaMICtal, LaMICtal ODT, LaMICtal XR


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Lamictal is a medication used either alone or with other meds to control and prevent seizures. Sometimes, it’s also prescribed to prevent serious mood swings caused by bipolar disorder in adult patients. It belongs to a group of drugs called antiepileptic or anticonvulsant, and it works by restoring the right balance of specific neurotransmitters in the brain.


Important Information before Starting This Treatment


Lamictal should be taken orally with and without meals and based on the directions of doctors who prescribe daily doses based on medical conditions, individual response and other factors. For kids, the right dosage must be based on their body weight. Regular doses can be increased slowly when needed, and it takes about a few weeks or months to get the full benefit of this treatment.


In rare cases, the intake of Lamictal may cause specific skin rashes, and they are more common in kids who are less than 16. This side effect is more prone to start at higher doses or when this medicine is combined with other anti-seizure pills. It’s necessary to get emergency medical help if you experience any symptoms of allergic reactions, such as:


Fever and hives;
Painful sores and swelling.

Possible Lamictal Side Effects


There are some unwanted side effects that can be caused by this drug, including:


Drowsiness and dizziness;
Headaches and shaking;
Blurred or double vision;
Loss of coordination and upset stomach;
Vomiting and nausea.


Most of them are mild, but if they persist, you should call your doctor immediately. Most patients who take Lamictal don’t experience any serious side effects. Unfortunately, some patients who take anticonvulsants for different conditions may end up with suicidal attempts and thoughts, depression and other mood or mental issues. In rare cases, they may experience severe adverse effects that require immediate medical attention, such as:


Unusual or easy bleeding and bruising;
Fainting and unusual tiredness;
Signs of new infections and dark urine;
Muscle tenderness, pain and weakness;
Yellow skin and eyes;
Stomach pain and urine changes.


Other Contraindications and Precautions


Before taking Lamictal, tell doctors if you have any possible allergies to its use or other drugs. Discuss your medical history, especially if you have liver and kidney problems. This medicine may make users drowsy or dizzy and cause blurred vision, so they shouldn’t drive or do other things that require their complete alertness. It’s necessary to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages, too.


Lamictal mustn’t be combined with certain medications. Otherwise, patients risk ending up with serious drug interactions, side effects and complications. Don’t use this medicine together with estrogens, birth control pills, other meds that treat seizures, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, sleeping pills, narcotic pain killers and some others.


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