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Levitra Plus

Generic Name: vardenafil (var DEN a fil)


Brand Names: Levitra, Staxyn


Where to buy Levitra Plus online?



When you hear about Levitra Plus, you should understand that it’s a reformulated and improved medication designed to help men solve their erectile problems. Basically, it’s a great combination of different herbal and chemical compounds that interact perfectly and provide users with a reliable and fast treatment of male impotence while adding an ability to enjoy their sexual performance, feeling of amazing energetic boost and long-lasting desire.


How Levitra Plus Should Be Taken


It’s necessary to take this medication by mouth with and without food, but doctors advise to avoid eating fatty meals because they may slow down its proper absorption. Men should take one pill 20-30 minutes before their sexual activity, and this dose shouldn’t be increased. Besides, it’s not advisable to drink grapefruit juice or eat grapefruit while using Levitra Plus for the same reason.


What are the greatest benefits of choosing this innovative and enhanced formula? They include the following:


Improved vascular supply;
Reduced response time;
Incredible penile dilation;
Feeling a great energy surge;
Increased semen production;
Refreshed nerve impulses.

Possible Adverse Reactions


All medications are associated with specific side effects, but most patients who take Levitra Plus end up with a few minor symptoms, such as:


Facial flushing and dizziness;
Runny or stuffy nose;
Headaches and heartburn;
Upset stomach and allergies;
Fainting and memory loss;
Chest pain and slow heartbeats;
Painful erections and numbness in legs or arms;
Seizures and vision changes;
Back or muscle pain;
Loss of hearing and vomiting.


When any of the above-mentioned side effects persist or get worse, you need to seek medical attention at once.


Contraindications and Health Risks


In some cases, men are not allowed to start taking Levitra Plus for health reasons. For instance, you shouldn’t use this popular ED medication if you:


Are allergic to its active components;
Need to avoid sexual intercourse because of heart complications;
Have specific heart diseases;
Have high or low blood pressure;
Suffer from kidney and liver conditions, especially if they require dialysis;
Have specific degenerative eye problems;
Have a history of heart attacks or strokes;
Have irregular heartbeats;
Have a deformed penis;
Have a history of priapism.


Possible Drug Interactions and Other Warnings


It’s necessary to avoid combining Levitra Plus with specific meds because of possible serious reactions and reduced effectiveness. That’s why doctors don’t advise their patients to combine this ED drug with specific antiarrhythmic pills, any type of nitrates, poppers (recreational drugs), other PDE-5 inhibitors, alpha blockers, medications for hypertension, azole antifungals, rifampin, etc. Talk to your physician to ensure that you don’t take any meds that may potentially interact with Levitra Plus.


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