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Generic Name: ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel (ETH in ill ess tra DYE ol and LEE vo nor JESS trel)


Brand Names: Altavera, Amethyst, Aviane, Enpresse, Falmina, Kurvelo, Lessina, Levlen, Levonest-28, Levora, Lutera, Marlissa, Myzilra, Orsythia, Portia, Sronyx, Triphasil-21, Triphasil-28, Trivora-28


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Levlen contains an innovative combination of levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol that produce a drastic impact on the body, preventing egg release from the ovary. As a result, the treatment causes significant changes in uterine lining and cervical mucus, making it more difficult for sperm to get to the uterus and for a fertilized egg to get attached to the uterus. The treatment is commonly known as a safe and effective contraception to warn pregnancy. Additionally, the drug may be administered in other instances, not listed in the safety guide.


Before Using the Medication: Precautions and Contraindications


Once you have decided to undergo Levlen therapy, you should mind numerous important facts. First of all, the drug may advance the risk of severe heart problems, such as stroke, heart attack, blood clots and others. Patients, with accompanying diabetes, abnormal blood pressure, increased cholesterol level and similar disorders also belong to a risk group. Do not start Levlen intake if you are over 35 years old and have any of these conditions, especially:


Heart-related disorders, especially heart attack, stroke, coronary artery disease, blood clot, abnormal heart valve disorder, etc.;
Uncontrolled high blood pressure;
Jaundice caused by other birth control medications;
Hormone-related cancer or its history;
Kidney disorders, circulation problems, vision issues or other disorders caused by diabetes;
Liver complications and others.


It is also important to inform your healthcare provider about other diseases and impairments you have, especially:


Seizure, epilepsy, convulsions;
Varicose veins;
Underactive thyroid;
Changed menstrual cycle and others.


Recommendations for Safe Levlen Administration


Talk to your healthcare provider before Levlen intake. Follow the doctor’s prescription, as well as other safety instructions during the treatment course. Never change the adjusted dose, length of the therapy or other peculiarities. One Levlen pill should be administered daily each 24 hours. Skipping doses increases your risk of getting pregnant. It is necessary to see the doctor regularly during the medication intake to make sure it is effective and safe in your case.


Levlen Misuse and Related Side Effects and Complications


Once you have missed a dose, call your doctor immediately. Most likely you will have to take the pill as soon as possible to prevent getting pregnant. However, if the next scheduled intake will be very soon, you will have to skip the dose. Never double or increase the following dose in order to prevent possible complications and adverse reactions, especially:


Allergic reactions;
Swelling of hands, arms and legs;
Vaginal discharge and itching;
Breathing disorders, sudden cough;
Sudden weakness, numbness;
Depression symptoms;
Severe headache and others.


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