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Liponexol is an innovative dietary supplement that produces numerous powerful impacts on the organism resulting in significant weight reduction. The treatment features a natural composition designed to help with low-carbohydrate diet. Consequently, the main function of the treatment is block carbohydrates absorption into the organism. Liponexol contains the protein, which warns this process, stimulating fast and effective weight loss. Thus, Liponexol acts in a few directions:


Managing the level of blood glucose;
Boosting the glucose function;
Decreasing sugar and carbs cravings;
Advancing insulin efficiency;
Promoting glucose metabolism, etc.


Consult your doctor primarily to the medication intake, especially before its off-label use.


Recommendations, Instructions and Doses


Following safety directions determined by the doctor is an inevitable condition for a safe Liponexol treatment course. Discuss the medication intake with your doctor to get proper dose adjustment and related recommendations. The treatment cannot be used in higher doses or longer than necessary; otherwise, a patient may experience harmful and bothersome reactions. Since Liponexol dose will differ depending on the overall health condition, you should follow a specified one. However, an average dose, sufficient for an effective weight loss process is 1 Liponexol capsule used three times a day. The drug should be administered approximately 15-20 minutes before the meal. Taking two doses at once, you increase the risk of severe abnormalities occurrence. Ask your healthcare provider about other peculiarities of Liponexol course.


Precautions, Warnings and Contraindications


Consult your doctor before Liponexol use, as its components may interact with certain medical conditions, causing undesirable reactions. Provide a medical specialist with detailed information about all the health problems and impairments you have. The drug is contraindicated for patients, who are allergic to any of Liponexol ingredients. Besides, it is not advised for people, diagnosed with the following illnesses:


Crohn’s disease;
Stomach bleeding;
Ulcerative colitis;
Blood clotting problems.


In addition, warn your doctor about other accompanying complications, paying ultimate attention to:


History of severe stomach disorders, especially stomach ulcers;
Heart rhythm issues;
Kidney or liver impairments;
Heart-related problems, etc.


Possible Liponexol-Related Abnormalities and Side Effects


Even though Liponexol is a 100% natural dietary supplement, its misuse or overuse can lead to severe side effects and health problems. Thus, seek emergency medical help if the drug intake resulted in severe allergic reactions, severe breathing issues, swelling, stomach discomfort and pain, etc.


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