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Generic Name: lisinopril (lyse IN oh pril)


Brand Names: Prinivil, Qbrelis, Zestril


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Lisinopril is commonly taken to treat high blood pressure to prevent kidney issues, heart attacks and strokes. Sometimes, patients take this medication to treat heart failures and improve their survival rates after heart attacks. It belongs to a class of drugs called ACE inhibitors, and it works by relaxing your blood vessels, thus, allowing the blood to flow easily. Some doctors may prescribe Lisinopril to protect patients’ kidneys from the harm caused by diabetes.


How to Use It Correctly


This medicine should be taken orally, usually only once a day, and you can use it both with and without food. The right dosage is always based on your individual tolerance and medical condition. Children are prescribed with regular doses based on their body weight. It’s necessary to use Lisinopril at the same time on a daily basis to benefit from it. Overall, it may take up to a few weeks to get the most out of this treatment.


List of Potential Side Effects


There are specific side effects that may be caused by the intake of Lisinopril, including:


Unusual tiredness and headaches;
Lightheadedness and dizziness;
Dry cough and allergic reactions.


However, most patients who undergo this treatment don’t develop any side effects at all. You need to call your doctor once you start noticing such serious symptoms as:


Muscle weakness and fainting;
Irregular or slow heartbeats;
Chills and fever;
Urine changes and persistent sore throat;
Yellowing eyes and skin;
Severe vomiting and nausea;
Stomach pain and dark urine.


Basic Precautions when Using Lisinopril


Before you start undergoing this treatment, talk to your doctor about possible allergic reactions and other medical problems that you have. For example, physicians should know everything about your angioedema, high potassium levels in the blood, specific blood filtering problems, lupus and others. The intake of Lisinopril may make you feel dizzy, so you shouldn’t drive or do other activities that require your complete alertness. Moreover, it’s advisable to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and get up slowly from any sitting or lying position. Remember that such symptoms as sweating, vomiting and diarrhea may lead to losing too much water and increase the risk of having lightheadedness. You need to drink enough water when taking Lisinopril to prevent dehydration. Its use can increase potassium levels in the blood, too, and older patients are more sensitive to its side effects.


Dangerous Drug Combinations


They should be avoided by all patients because they change the way this medication works and increase their risk of developing unwanted side effects. Some of the most common drugs that may potentially interact with Lisinopril include lithium, ARBs, NSAIDs and others. That’s why you should tell your doctor about any other pharmaceutical products that you’re using at the moment, including vitamins and minerals, prescription drugs and so on.


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