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Generic Name: gemfibrozil (jem FYE broe zil)


Brand Names: Lopid


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Lopid serves an effective medication used to treat increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the organism. The active ingredient of the remedy, Gemfibrozil, affects the body in a powerful way normalizing the blood ranges, preventing further complications, such as atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, etc. The medication is also effective for patients of the risk groups, including the ones diagnosed with diabetes, heart-related disorders, etc.


Lopid can be combined with other medications in order to advance the effect and improve the condition faster. However, keep in mind that Lopid is only a part of a complete therapy that also includes weight control, balanced diet and regular exercising. Ask your healthcare provider about off-label Lopid use.


Issues to Discuss with Doctor before Lopid Use


Striving to use Lopid as a part of the treatment course, you should obligatorily consult your physician in order to make sure the therapy is safe. The medication is contraindicated for certain groups of patients, which include the ones, who:


Are allergic or sensitive to Gemfibrozil;
Are diagnosed with dangerous liver or kidney diseases;
Have symptoms of gallbladder diseases;
Are using other medications that may interact with Lopid;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.


In addition, there are numerous other instances that may decrease the medication effect. Inform your healthcare provider about other illnesses and health disorders you have, paying ultimate attention to gallstones and related conditions.


Recommendations for Successful Lopid Treatment Course


Lopid should be used according to all the safety instructions and doctor’s prescription. Increasing or decreasing the dose or prolonging the duration of the therapy, you risk getting undesirable side effects and experiencing significant condition aggravations.


Despite Lopid dose is personally adjusted, depending on individual peculiarities of a patient’s health, there are general recommendations each person should follow. Lopid should be administered twice daily, preferably 30 minutes before the meal. Frequent medical tests are required during Lopid therapy.


Lopid and Other Medications: Possible Side Effects and Abnormalities


Even though Lopid is safe, it can trigger a range of devastating side effects if misused or overused. Thus, interactions with other cholesterol-lowering treatments, Colchicine or similar drugs may lead to severe adverse reactions.


Seek immediate medical assistance in case Lopid use has activated allergic reactions (swelling, problems breathing, hives). Additionally, report other less serious disorders to your doctor, especially:


Urination disorders, including burning and pain;
Stomach discomfort;
Vision impairments;
Abnormal bruising, easy bleeding;
Boosted heart rate;
Impotence and others.


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