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Generic Name: betamethasone and clotrimazole topical (BAY ta METH a sone and kloe TRIM a zole TOP ik al)


Brand Names: Lotrisone


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Lotrisone cream is a prescription medicine, used to treat various fungal skin infections. The medication is prescribed for people of 17 years old and older. The cream is indicated for inflamed fungal infections, which are characterized by itching and redness.


Before you start using Lotrisone, tell your doctor about the following conditions:


You are pregnant or plan to become a mother. It’s unknown if the cream can harm the fetus;
You are currently breastfeeding or plan to do it. It’s unknown if the drug passes into the breast milk;
You are taking some other medications, including vitamins and all possible supplements. Certainly, mention corticosteroid drugs.


How to Use It


Use the cream the way your doctor has prescribed. Pay attention to the following recommendations:


Use Lotrisone during a prescribed period of time, even when your symptoms disappear;
Do not bandage or cover a treated area until your doctor tells you to do so. Try wearing loose clothes during the period of treatment;
Do not use the medication on your face or armpits;
Do not use the cream in bigger or smaller amounts, or longer than it was prescribed;
Always wash your hands before and after using Lotrisone;
Apply a thin layer of the medication and rub it thoroughly;
After using the medication let your skin dry before getting dressed.


Side Effects


This topical steroid medicine can be easily absorbed through the skin, which can impact the adrenal glands. Call your doctor if you have the following symptoms:


Muscle weakness;
Weight loss;
Depressive mood;


Common side effects include:


Burning or tingling skin;


Lotrisone Dosage


The cream should be massaged into an infected and surrounding area in the morning and evening. If you have tinea corporis, do not use the medication for more than 2 weeks. If there are no improvements after a week of treatment, ask your doctor to review the diagnosis.


In a case with tinea pedis, do not use Lotrisone for more than 1 month. If there are no improvements after 2 weeks of treatment, call your doctor immediately. 45 g of cream is a maximum dose of medication to use a week.




If you use the cream for a long period of time, you may face adrenal glands problems. Do not apply any cosmetics on the affected area during the treatment. Keep to the following advice to get rid of the infection completely:


Always dry your feet after having a bath;
Do not wear wool or synthetic socks, but prefer clean cotton and change them daily;
Make sure your shoes are well-ventilated.


If you have jock fit, pay attention to the following:


Always dry the groin after having a bath;
Do not wear tight-fitting and synthetic underwear, but prefer cotton and loose-fitting;


For those who suffer from ringworm:


Carefully dry the whole body after having a bath;
Try to avoid heat and moisture;
Opt for well-ventilated clothes.


Due to the above-mentioned measures, you’ll be able to keep the affected area clean and dry all the time.


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