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Generic Name: fluvoxamine (floo VOX a meen)


Brand Names: Luvox, Luvox CR


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Containing Fluvoxamine as an active ingredient, this selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressant provides a drastic impact on the brain and its function. Affective the amount of brain chemicals, Luvox manages to balance the symptoms of depressive disorders, especially in patients with obsessive-compulsive symptoms.


Considering its action, Luvox may be used as a remedy against social anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive problems. Additionally, the treatment may be used for other purposes not listed in the safety guide.


How to Administer Luvox for Advantageous Results


Follow the prescription and other safety instructions in order to make Luvox therapy safe and highly beneficial. This oral antidepressant can be used with or without food. The main peculiarity of the drug is its intake, and it should be done at night. Fluvoxamine dose depends on the severity of anxiety or another condition you want to improve, overall health condition of the patient and a few other factors. Your healthcare specialist may occasionally change the prescription, but do not do it on your own. Sudden stop of the therapy may lead to unpleasant withdrawal reactions.


Safe Luvox Therapy: Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings


Do not start Luvox therapy until you are sure the treatment course will not cause side effects and condition complications. Patients, allergic to its components, are contraindicated for the drug use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also avoid the therapy.


Provide your physician with details of other illnesses and impairments you have, especially:


Heart disorders;
Kidney or liver dysfunction;
Manic depression;
Narrow-angle glaucoma and others.


Luvox Interactions with Other Medications


Trying to benefit from Luvox therapy, you should consider all the possible factors that may influence your treatment course. A range of medications, herbal products, vitamins and other supplements may change Luvox action or cause undesirable reactions. Thus, it is inevitable to tell your healthcare provider about other medications you are using, including:


Other antidepressants;
Narcotic pain medications;
Muscle relaxers;
Anxiety or depression treatment;
Blood thinners;
Sedative remedies;
Migraine headache drugs.


Possible Luvox Side Effects


As any other medication, Luvox may trigger numerous common reactions, such as vision changes, trembling, stuffy nose, weakness, confusion, boosted urination, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, sweating, abnormal menstrual period and others. However, these symptoms are not dangerous, and they will fade away after a couple of the drug intakes.


There have been reported several cases, when mild reactions changed into devastating side effects, such as:


Insomnia, anxiety, extreme emotions;
Appetite and weight changes;
Vision impairments;
Unusual bruising and bleeding;
Serious symptoms of the central nervous system reactions;
Reduced sodium levels in the body and others.


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