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Generic Name: Mildronate (IS)


Brand Names: Meldonium Olainfarm Olainfarm, Latvia Meldonium-MIK UP Minskintercaps, Georgia Mildronat Grindeks, Georgia; Sanitas, Georgia Mildronat Grindeks Grindeks, Latvia Mildronats Grindeks, Georgia Mildroxyn Aversi, Georgia Cardionate Makis Pharma, Russian Federation Midromax BioPolus, Georgia Mildronate Grindeks, Lithuania; Grindex, Russian Federation Milkor GMP, Georgia


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Meldronium is an exclusive medication that features a multi-functional effect. The active ingredients of the drug interfere with important body functions and organs, balancing the existing disorders and stimulating proper body work. First and foremost, Meldronium is frequently used as a nootropic and a central nervous system stimulant, as well as vasodilator, which reveals the psychological and physical potential of a patient. The medication has the structure similar to gamma-butyrobetaine that is included in every cell. Thus, the key function of the drug is to restore proper functioning by balancing the oxygen supply in accordance with the body needs. Besides, Meldronium is appreciated by its ability to decrease the number of toxic metabolic products in the cells, protecting them and preventing from different damage.


Additionally, another important peculiarity of the drug is its powerful invigorating stimulant effect. The innovative composition of the drug helps to advance oxygen delivery and use by muscles and brain cells. As a result of such action, a patient gets boosted performance and speeded processes.


Moreover, Meldronium is prescribed to patients diagnosed with cerebral circulation disorders, nervous system complications and ischemic complications. Contact your doctor to learn other cases of Meldronium administration.


Advantageous Impact of the Medication on the Organism


Considering a powerful impact on the organism, produced by the medication, its effectiveness cannot be overestimated. The main benefit of Meldronium therapy lies in the ability to balance the disturbing disorder without harmful influence on other important body functions. The drug is known for its multi-functional action that includes cardio-protective, anti-ischemic, potency stimulating and others. Additionally, the remedy can be administered in order to treat other health disorders, especially:


Peripheral arteries disease;
Dyshormonal cardiomyopathy;
Cardiovascular issues;
Cerebrovascular insufficiency;
Myocardial infarction;
Physical and mental overstress and others.


Recommendations and Instructions for Safe Meldronium Use


Talk to your physician before Meldronium intake, since it will help you get correct dose adjustment and other safety directions. Take the medication strictly in accordance with the prescription. Never change the length of the therapy or prescribed dose. Do not start the medication intake if you are allergic to its components or have other serious health impairments or medical conditions that may interact with Meldronium.


Side Effects and Unwanted Meldronium Reactions


Despite a generally positive impact on the organism, Meldronium can activate undesirable processes and symptoms if misused or overused. Call your healthcare provider immediately if any complications have occurred and started bothering you. Seek emergency medical assistance if Meldronium intake resulted in allergic reactions.


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