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Generic Name: sibutramine (si BUE tra meen)

Brand Names: Meridia


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Meridia is an alternative obesity treatment that promotes a considerable impact on the brain chemicals, changing their amount and functioning and stimulating balanced weight maintenance. Taken together with a healthy diet and regular workouts, Meridia is likely to produce fast and effective weight reduction in patients with severe underlying health disorders, such as abnormal blood pressure, increased cholesterol range, diabetes and others. Additionally, Meridia can be taken off-label in other instances, not mentioned in the information leaflet. Though, such administration requires thorough doctor’s assistance.


Recommendations for Flawless Meridia Course


Take the weight loss pill as prescribed by your healthcare provider. Changing the adjusted dose you risk getting severe side effects and dangerous impacts on the organism. Despite the dose may differ depending on the condition treated, general health state of the patient, medications used, etc., Meridia should be used once a day, with or without food, It is preferable to take Meridia at the same time every day. To achieve the desirable changes a patient may undergo a long treatment course, but it cannot exceed 2 years. Warn your doctor if the medication produces no effects in more than 4 weeks. Check pulse and blood pressure often during the therapy.


Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings for Meridia Intake


Ask your healthcare provider about Meridia therapy in your exact case, since the drug can affect various people differently. Do not start the therapy if you have recently undergone a MAO inhibitor course, as these drugs may interact causing severe withdrawal reactions. Never use Meridia if you are diagnosed with any of the following conditions:


Bulimia, anorexia or other eating problems;
Abnormal blood pressure
Coronary artery disease;
Heart-related impairments;
Stroke, heart attack and similar disorders.


When using Meridia pregnant and breastfeeding women can develop the risk of serious health problems in their unborn or nursing children. Moreover, inform a medical specialist about other illnesses and complications you have, especially:


Bleeding issues;
Increased blood pressure
Kidney or liver problems;
Underactive thyroid, etc.


Patients under 16 years old should avoid Meridia intake.


Meridia with Other Treatments: Combinations and Possible Reactions


The medication is rather sensitive to other pharmaceuticals, thus, it interacts with many generic and prescription treatments. Tell your physician about all the drugs you are using, with exceptional regard to:


Narcotic pain relievers;
Migraine headache treatments;
Lithium and others.


Severe allergic reactions and a range of other disorders may occur as result of Meridia misuse. Seek medical assistance if you have noticed:


Abnormal bleeding;
Hallucinations, agitation, anxiety;
Nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, etc.


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