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Generic Name: pyridostigmine (py rid o STIG meen)


Brand Names: Mestinon, Mestinon Timespan


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Nowadays people suffer from a plenty of different diseases which become a great obstacle to a happy life. Abnormal muscle fatigue syndrome is one of the most widespread illnesses. However, there is an effective remedy called Mestinon, which is a good helper in this and many other problems.


It possesses the following pharmacologic effects:


It is an anticholinesterase remedy;
It increases the action of acetylcholine;
The drug improves neuromuscular transmission;
It increases gastrointestinal motility;
Improves the bladder tone, bronchial secretion of glands;
However, it causes bradycardia, slight miosis, light spasm of accommodation.


What Diseases Will Disappear after the Intake of Mestinon


Myasthenia and myasthenic syndrome;
Postoperative intestinal atony, disease of atonic constipation, bladder atony;
Some movement disorders caused by trauma;
Flaccid paralysis;
Permanent effects of polio, encephalitis;
Ingringement of emptying the bladder as a result of gynecological operations and childbirth;
Suspension of muscle relaxation during general anesthesia;
Overdose of muscle relaxants;
Intoxication by anticholinergic drugs (if peripheral symptoms present).


Contraindications and Side Effects


As for contraindications, they are the following:


Prior intake of muscle relaxants;
Bronchial asthma;
Obstructive ileus;
Severe spasm of gastrointestinal tract, urinary or biliary tract;
Parkinson’s disease;
Postoperative shock;
Period of lactation;


If you have some of these illnesses or conditions, you may speak with your doctor about the recommended doses.


As for side effects, they are quite rare. However, it is necessary to know what feelings can appear during the intake of this drug. So the possible adverse reactions are the following:


Nausea, vomiting, light diarrhea, stomach cramps;
Enlarged peristalsis;
Hypersecretion of glands;
Hard salivation;
Frequent urination;
Low blood pressure;
Muscle twitching;
Skin rashes (due to the content of bromine in the drug).


Important Special Instructions and Some Important Facts


It is necessary to decide on the time of Mestinon intake according to the period of the physical activity of the patient. It should coincide with the maximum effect of the remedy. The absence of an expected effect of treatment can be a consequence of Mestinon overdose.


During the treatment with Mestinon you should not use ethanol. You should be careful when driving and other activities which require high level of concentration and fast reactions. Atropine weakens the effect of Mestinon (relative bradycardia, hypersecretion). Moreover, it enhances the effect of depolarizing muscle relaxants, different barbiturates and morphine derivatives. Such ingredients as quinidine, procainamide, local anesthetics, some tricyclic antidepressants, antiepileptic and all the antiparkinsonian drugs reduce Mestinon action.


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