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Generic Name: meloxicam (mel OKS i kam)


Brand Names: Mobic. Vivlodex


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A powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Mobic decreases the amount of hormones in the organism, which cause pain and inflammation within the body. The active component of the treatment, Meloxicam, boosts the effect and promotes a durable action. Thus, the drug is prescribed for patients suffering from inflammation and pain related to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in adults. Additionally, Mobic can be taken as a remedy against juvenile rheumatoid arthritis in children over 2 years old. Consult your healthcare provider if you want to use the medication off-label.


Safety Mobic Issues: Contraindications and Warnings


Mobic is a drastic treatment that stimulates potent reactions and strong influence on the organism and its functioning. Talk to your healthcare provider before the medication administration to make sure it will be effective in your case. However, do not start the therapy in case you are sensitive to Meloxicam or other components of the treatment. Patients, who have ever experienced severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks or similar problems after NSAID use should also avoid the drug course.


Provide your doctor with a complete list of diseases, health impairments and complications you have, especially:


Liver or kidney disease;
Fluid retention;
Heart attack, blood clot, stroke or their history;
Bleeding or stomach ulcers and others.


Tell your healthcare provider if you are pregnant, since the treatment can negatively impact an unborn child. Breastfeeding women should also eliminate the medication administration to prevent dangerous effects of the treatment on a nursing baby. Mobic should not be administered by anyone younger than 2 years old.

Mobic Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals


Certain pharmaceuticals are not recommended to be taken together with Mobic, as their combinations can cause side effects occurrence. Inform your physician if you are using any medications, herbal supplements or other pharmaceutical products, paying exceptional attention to:


Blood pressure treatments;
Steroid drugs;
Blood thinners;
Lithium and others.


Recommendations for Mobic Intake: Uses and Doses


Follow the instructions for safe Mobic administration. The remedy cannot be used in higher or lower doses, since it is adjusted by the doctor based on the peculiarities of your symptoms and overall health condition. The drug may be administered with and without food.


The most common Mobic dose is 7.5 mg daily, while the maximal one reaches 15 mg.


Mobic Misuse and Related Health Complications


Seek emergency medical assistance if you have got any signs of allergic reactions or other possible Mobic misuse abnormalities, including:


Mild exertions;
Symptoms of stomach bleeding;
Unreasonable weight gain;
Kidney or liver problems;
Serious skin reactions;
Decreased red blood cells and others.


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