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Motilium is a popular medication that works by increasing the movement through the digestive system. That’s why it’s often taken to treat different symptoms of stomach disorders. Besides, patients use this medicine to prevent vomiting and nausea caused by some other drugs. Motilium is not intended to be taken by breastfeeding women for safety reasons. It’s necessary to use this medicine orally 30 minutes before regular meals or at bedtime.


Possible Motilium Side Effects


There are some unwanted mild and severe symptoms that may be caused by this treatment, including:


Dizziness and headache;
Unusual nervousness and dry mouth;
Increased irritability and facial flushing.


Most of these signs are mild, and they stop in a few days, because the human body adjusts to the intake of Motilium. Other possible side effects include:


Leg cramps and difficulty sleeping;
Hot flashes and stomach cramps;
Allergic reactions.


If any of these symptoms become bothersome, you need to visit your doctor at once. Besides, you should notify doctors and get their help once you experience the following serious side effects:


Fast, slow and irregular heartbeats;
Chest pain and difficulty urinating;
Swelling of ankles and feet;
Nipple discharge and swelling of breasts;
Breathing problems and convulsions;
Uncontrolled movements;
Sexual difficulties and menstrual changes.


Patients aren’t allowed to start taking Motilium if they have any allergic reactions to its active and other ingredients, or if they have serious intestinal conditions, like internal bleeding and breast cancer. If you suffer from prolactinoma, this treatment is not good for you.


Basic Precautions when Using It


Before taking Motilium, tell your physician if you have any kidney or liver problems, heart diseases, are pregnant or breastfeeding. It’s not likely for this medication to affect people’s ability to drive. You also need to inform doctors if you’re taking such medications as:


Ritonavir and ketoconazole;
Opioid analgesics and antimuscarinics;
MAO inhibitors;
Erythromycin and amantadine.


The main reason is that they affect its mechanism of action and may cause severe side effects. That’s why you need to keep a list of other prescription and non-prescription meds that you’re taking even if they include herbal supplements, like vitamins and minerals. Motilium is a medicine that improves the movement in a digestive system, so it often affects the right action and absorption of many drugs.


Finally, patients need to take the doses prescribed by their healthcare providers. It’s not allowed to increase or decrease them if they don’t want to end up with overdosing and relevant symptoms, such as confusion, severe dizziness and drowsiness, muscle rigidity, twitching, irregular heartbeat and others. If you experience any of these signs, you need to get emergency medical help.


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