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Generic Name: ethambutol (eth AM bue tol)


Brand Names: Myambutol


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Tuberculosis is a devastating issue that requires immediate help. Despite the condition is difficult to be treated, its symptoms may be easily eliminated by Myambutol therapy. The active components of the powerful antibiotic prevent further growth and expansion of tuberculosis bacteria improving the symptoms and treating the whole disorder.


Consequently, Myambutol is commonly known as tuberculosis treatment. To achieve the maximal effect the treatment may be prescribed together with other tuberculosis medications. Besides, the drug can be used off-label for other purposes.


Myambutol Safety Considerations: Precautions, Contraindications, Warnings


Numerous health disorders and pharmaceuticals may interact with Myambutol causing disabling reactions. That is why it is vital to see the doctor before the beginning of the therapy and get the correct prescription.


The treatment should not be used by patients who are allergic to Ethambutol or other ingredient of the remedy. Additionally, Myambutol can lead to severe vision conditions, so people with optic neuritis or similar disorders should avoid this tuberculosis treatment. To make sure Myambutol is completely safe and you have to worry about nothing, you should inform your doctor about all the health disorders and illnesses you have, including:


Kidney dysfunctions;
Liver diseases;
Eye problems;
Iritis, uveitis or other vision problems.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women should obligatorily consult the doctor before the medication intake. Generally, such patients are contraindicated for Myambutol administration, even though it is not expected to harm the child. This powerful antibiotic should not be used by patients under 13 years old.


Recommendations for Safe and Potent Myambutol Effect


Following all the safety directions you increase your chances to get the desirable relief and improve the condition. Take the remedy in the exact dose prescribed by your doctor. Your healthcare specialist may change the adjustment, though you are not supposed to do it yourself. Frequent medical tests will be requested in order to track the progress and effectiveness of Myambutol therapy.


Tell your physician about past experiences using tuberculosis drugs, since the dose will depend on this factor as well. Myambutol is for regular oral use. The treatment can be administered with and without food. The medication may influence the functioning of vital body organs, including kidneys, liver, blood cells, vision and others. Check them often to be sure Myambutol treatment course is completely safe.


Consequences of Myambutol Misuse and Common Side Effects


Tuberculosis is commonly treated with the combination of a few drugs. Take them in the exact dose prescribed by your doctor without any changes. Otherwise, you risk getting dangerous misuse reactions and side effects with the most severe being:


Allergic reactions;
Vision disorders;
Boosted eye sensitivity to light;
Hallucinations, confusion, weakness, agitation;
Breathing problems and others.


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