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Generic Name: armodafinil (ar moe DAF i nil)

Brand Names: Nuvigil


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Nuvigil is an innovative medication, which revolutionary formula contains Armodafinil that helps promote wakefulness and stay awake for longer. The drug is aimed at treatment of excess sleepiness provoked by numerous health disorders, such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, shift work disorders and others. In addition, the remedy can be used for other instances, not listed in the safety guide.


Contraindications, Precautions and Other Safety Considerations


Discuss Nuvigil with your doctor in order to achieve the desirable results with minimal risks. The treatment is contraindicated for people, who are allergic to Modafinil, Armodafinil and similar drugs. Besides, the remedy is not advised for breastfeeding and pregnant women due to a high possibility of dangerous medication influence on an unborn or nursing child. Nuvigil is also reported to decrease or completely eliminate the effect of birth control pills. Replace them with non-hormonal alternatives before the therapy to avoid undesirable pregnancy.


Besides, to prescribe a correct dose, your healthcare provider should be aware of other diseases and health impairments you have, especially:


Alcohol or drug addiction;
 Heart-related problems;
 Psychosis, mental complications;
 Prior heart attack;
 Kidney or liver disorders;
 Valve problems;
 Heart muscle issues;
 Abnormal blood pressure and others.


Nuvigil should not be used by people under 17 years old.


Recommendations for the Drug Intake


Follow the safety instructions and doctor’s directions in order to eliminate Nuvigil related risks and benefit from its effect instead. Since the remedy is habit-forming and can lead to aggravating disorders, overdose, abuse and fatal complications, it should be used in the exact dose, for the exact duration and following other safety specifications mentioned by the doctor. Never pass the treatment to other patients. The drug should be administered daily, either in the morning or an hour before the beginning of work, depending on the desirable effect. An average Nuvigil dose ranges from 150 mg to 200 mg a day. The medication can be taken with or without food, depending on the body response to its ingredients. The common treatment course lasts for over 10 weeks. Your healthcare specialist may require frequent medical tests to check the progress of the therapy and Nuvigil impact on the organism.


Side Effects and Abnormalities


Similar to other effective and powerful remedies, Nuvigil can affect the organism in a drastic way, especially if it is misused or overused. Besides, Nuvigil may interact with certain treatments leading to dangerous reactions and side effects. Warn your medical specialist about all the pharmaceuticals you are using to prevent the risk of possible reactions.


Seek medical assistance if Nuvigil intake resulted in severe allergic reactions or other abnormalities:


 Skin disorders;
 Abnormal bleeding;
 Anxiety, depression, confusion, hallucinations;
 Insomnia and others.


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