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Generic Name: cefdinir (SEF dih neer)


Brand Names: Omnicef, Omnicef Omni-Pac


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Omnicef is an effective antibiotic that serves an alternative remedy of bacterial infections. The active ingredient of the drug, Cefdinir, influences the production of proteins necessary for bacteria spreading and growth. Thus, eliminating the source of further development, this cephalosporin antibiotic helps balance the condition and decrease its negative impacts on the organism. Correspondingly, the main action Omnicef promotes in the organism is infection treatment. However, the treatment may occasionally be used for other purposes, not mentioned in the safety leaflet.


Contraindications, Precautions and Drug Interactions


Doctor’s examination and consultation are inevitable before the beginning of Omnicef therapy. To treat the infection effectively and fast, you need to get proper dose adjustment and other safety recommendations.


Provide your physician with detailed information about all the health problems and impairments you have, as some of them may interact with this bacterial remedy, activating disabling reactions. Pay exceptional attention to the issues, including:


Intestinal dysfunctions;
Kidney disorders;
Allergies to pharmaceuticals, products and supplements, etc.


Do not administer Omnicef if you are sensitive to Cefdinir, other ingredients of the treatment or similar remedies, especially Cephradine, Cefditoren, Cefaclor, Ceftibuten, Cephalexin, Cefazolin and others. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not supposed to use the antibiotic due to its possible impact on an unborn or nursing child.


Tell your doctor about the medications you are taking, since some of them should not be combined with Omnicef. Iron-containing supplements and vitamins, Probenecid and other drugs may decrease the effectiveness of the antibiotic or even stimulate the occurrence of numerous side effects.


Follow your doctor’s prescription in order to make the treatment course safe. The drug may affect the results of certain medical tests, so warn the physician about them. Keep using Omnicef for the whole length of the therapy if you want to get relief.


Omnicef Misuse and Overuse with Their Possible Consequences


Skin rashes, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach discomfort, vaginal itching and other side effects may appear as a result of body reaction to Omnicef components. However, these symptoms are commonly not dangerous, and they disappear after a few drug intakes. Call your doctor if these disorders aggravate and activate new complications and more severe reactions, especially:


Abnormal bleeding;
Symptoms of flu or cold;
Bloody or watery diarrhea;
Confusion, lightheadedness, weakness, etc.


Seek immediate medical assistance if Omnicef intake resulted in allergic reactions (breathing complications, itching, swelling, hives and others).


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