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Panmycin is another great representative of the tetracycline antibiotic group. The medication is used to improve the symptoms of infections in the body, caused by bacteria. The remedy influences the process of the protein production, required for the bacteria growth. As the bacteria get no source for further development, it dies. Panmycin helps to stimulate this process and speed the result. The treatment is administered for conditions, such as gonorrhea, chlamydia, urinary tract infections, ear, eye, skin infections, acne and others.


Use the Treatment for Maximal Benefit


Your doctor may occasionally prescribe the medication for purposes, not listed in the safety guide. Follow the directions and instructions of your healthcare provider in order to increase the safety of Panmycin therapy. The treatment should be taken in the exact dose and for a complete length of the prescribed course. Consume much water during the treatment to keep the kidneys and liver function properly.


Panmycin can be administered with and without food, but preferably at the same time daily. Take the drug on an empty stomach for the best effect. The medication cannot be passed to other patients with similar symptoms.


How to Take Panmycin and Get to Complications


Talk to your healthcare provider before Panmycin intake in order to make sure the therapy is completely safe. Inform a professional about other diseases and health problems you have, including severe illnesses and minor impairments. Do not take Panmycin in case you:


Are allergic to the components of the drug;
Are sensitive to other antibiotics;
Have serious kidney or liver disorders;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding, etc.


Specific dose adjustments may be required for people with serious health impairments.


Panmycin Interactions with Other Remedies: Advantage or Risk?


Additionally, Panmycin should not be combined with various pharmaceuticals that may interact with it activating harmful reactions. It is inevitable to ask a healthcare provider about all the prescription and generic remedies, vitamins, minerals and supplements you use, especially:


Blood thinners;
Penicillin antibiotics;
Bismuth subsalicylate containing drugs;
Medications to lower cholesterol levels, etc.


Panmycin Side Effects


Any Panmycin misuse can lead to infection aggravation and stimulation of new complications. Call your healthcare specialist the moment you have got any abnormalities after the drug use. Pay ultimate attention to:


Decreased urination and other urination problems;
Red skin rash, blistering and peeling;
Vision disorders;
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
Jaundice, reduced appetite;
Vaginal discharge and others.


Seek emergency medical help if the symptoms of allergic reactions have occurred, since they may aggravate and cause disabling reactions and harmful impacts on other body organs and functions.


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