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Generic Name: promethazine


Brand Names: Phenergan


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Phenergan is a medication, which belongs to the group of drugs known as phenothiazines. It works by altering chemicals in a human’s brain. It also acts as an antihistamine. It helps to block the effects of histamine, which occur in a body.


Phenergan is used for treating the following problems:


Runny nose;
Watery or itchy eyes;


The medication helps avoid motion sickness and treats vomiting, nausea and pain after surgery. It can be also prescribed as a sleep aid or sedative medicine, however, Phenergan should not be used for treating the symptoms of pneumonia, asthma or lower respiratory tract infections.


Important Safety Information


If you notice uncomfortable movements of the lips, eyes, face, tongue, legs or arms, you should certainly call your doctor at once. These can be the beginning signs of further dangerous side effects. The medication should not be given to kids younger than 2 years old. Phenergan can result in breathing problems when given to young children. Always stick to all your doctor’s recommendations, while giving the drug to children of all ages.


The medication can lead to a number of side effects, able to impair your reaction and thinking abilities. Be always careful while driving or performing some other activities that require alertness. You should also avoid drinking alcohol. There are many other medicines, which can interact with the drug. Certainly tell your doctor about all medications, vitamins and supplements you are currently taking.




Before you start taking the medication, tell your doctor about the following health problems:


Sleep apnea;
Breathing disorders;
Sulfite allergy;
Stomach ulcer;
Urination problems;
Heart problems;
High blood pressure;
Liver problems;
Weak immune system;
Low levels of calcium.


It’s still unknown whether the medication can bring harm to the fetus. If you are pregnant or plan to become a mom in the nearest time, tell your healthcare provider about it. It’s also not clear whether the drug can pass into the breast milk or if it can harm a nursing baby. It’s not recommended to breastfeed while being treated with Phenergan.


How to Use It


Phenergan should be taken the way your doctor has prescribed. Do not forget to follow all the recommendations on your prescription label. Your healthcare provider may change the dose for you to get the most from the treatment. It’s better to take the drug at bedtime or after having a meal. To treat motion sickness, take it 1 hour before you set up for a journey. If used for surgery, take it one night before it.


Side Effects


If you have noticed any of the following side effects, contact your doctor immediately:


Severe drowsiness;
Easy bruising;
Fast or slow heartbeats;
Shallow breathing;
High fever;
Uncontrolled muscles movements of the face (frowning, lip smacking, blinking, chewing).


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