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Generic Name: cilostazol (sye LOE sta zol)


Brand Names: Pletal


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This medication is often taken to improve the symptoms of certain blood flow problems in legs. Its intake helps patients reduce their muscle cramps and pain that happens when walking and exercising. Basically, this pain is often caused by not enough oxygen that gets into muscles, but Pletal works increasing the blood flow and oxygen. This medication belongs to a group of drugs called vasodilators, and it’s also anti-platelet. Its intake prevents platelets from sticking together, because it widens blood vessels in legs, thus, allowing the blood to move easier while increasing its flow.


Directions for Its Use and Basic Warnings


Medications that are similar to Pletal may shorten the lives of patients with congestive heart failure, so you aren’t allowed to start this treatment if you have this condition. This medication is intended to be used orally, twice a day. Patients need to take their regular doses either without food or a few hours before meals. Their dosage is always prescribed based on their response, medical condition and other factors. It’s necessary to use Pletal regularly to get the most out of this treatment. Different symptoms usually improve after a few weeks, but it takes about 12 weeks to get its full benefits.


Mild and Serious Adverse Effects


Pletal may cause certain side effects, but most of them are mild, including:


Runny nose and dizziness;
Diarrhea and headaches.


However, if any of these signs worsen, you should inform doctors promptly. Serious side effects are very rare, and they include:


Swelling of your feet and hands;
Irregular, pounding and fast heartbeat;
Easy bleeding and bruising;
Bloody or black stools;
Signs of new infections and vomiting with coffee grounds;
Fainting and allergies;
Sudden vision changes and weakness;
Confusion and slurred speech;
Arm, chest or jaw pain.


If you experience any of the above-mentioned side effects, you need to go to the hospital immediately.


Basic Contraindications


Before you take this medicine, visit your doctor to be properly examined. Inform whether you have any allergic reactions or other serious conditions, such as different bleeding disorders, heart diseases, kidney and liver problems, blood conditions, etc. Pletal is prone to make patients feel dizzy, so it’s not advisable to drive or do other things that require their alertness. Don’t drink too much alcohol when undergoing this treatment. Older adults may experience side effects more often than others, especially fluid retention.


Finally, there are some meds that shouldn’t be combined with Pletal, because they may cause dangerous drug interactions. Avoid taking this medicine with blood thinners, azole antifungals, other anti-platelet meds, specific antidepressants, pain relievers, some fever reducers and so on. Keep a list of other drugs that you’re using to avoid unwanted complications and talk to doctors to stay informed.


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