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Generic Name: mefenamic acid (me fe NAM ik)


Brand Names: Ponstel


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Ponstel is a medication that is classified as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory treatment. The drug contains Mefenamic acid as an active ingredient that promotes the necessary reduction of the hormone that usually stimulates inflammation and pain occurrence. The treatment is administered for a short term for moderate to severe pain treatment both in adults and children above 14 years old. Sometimes, the remedy is used to relieve the symptoms of menstrual pain. Never take Ponstel off-label without doctor’s advice.


Issues to Discuss with Doctor before Ponstel Use


Consult your physician primarily to the medication intake if you strive to benefit from an advantageous and safe medication course. Keep in mind that the innovative composition of the drug may advance the risk of fatal stroke and heart attack, especially in patients, who undergo a long-term Ponstel course or use the drug in high doses. The medication can activate other complications and severe reactions, if misused or overused. Besides, Ponstel may lead to intestinal and stomach bleeding that can lead to death. Thus, never take the treatment if you are allergic to Mefenamic acid or other ingredients of the medication. Additionally, people, who are diagnosed with any of these disorders, should not use Ponstel:


Kidney impairments;
Inflammatory bowel disease;
Bowel disorder;
Stomach bleeding;
Asthma or severe allergic reactions after NSAID intake or Aspirin use.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women who use Ponstel may develop a risk of dangerous reaction on the health of an unborn or nursing child. Talk to your medical specialist to guarantee a high safety level of the therapy in your specific condition. The drug should never be given to patients under 14 years old.


Additionally, warn your physician with the information about other diseases and health issues you have, with ultimate attention paid to:


Fluid retention;
Stomach bleeding or ulcers;
Abnormally high blood pressure;
Increased cholesterol level;
Heart-related conditions, etc.


Ponstel and Other Medications


To promote a 100% safe Ponstel use, tell your healthcare provider about other prescription and non-prescription drugs you are currently using, especially:


Steroid drugs;
Blood thinners;
Blood pressure remedies;
Lithium and others.


Instructions for Safe Ponstel Intake


Take Ponstel in accordance with all the safety instructions mentioned both by the doctor and safety leaflet. Start with a minimal effective dose in order to prevent possible misuse reactions. The therapy should not exceed 7 days; otherwise, you may experience severe side effects and overdose complications. Frequent medical tests may be required by the doctor in order to check the progress of Ponstel impact on the health.


Complications and Side Effects


Seek immediate medical help in case Ponstel intake resulted in serious allergic reactions. Report other disorders to your health care provider, paying an ultimate concern to:


Liver diseases;
Kidney problems;
Skin reactions;
Decreased number of red blood cells, etc.


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