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Probalan is a powerful medication that belongs to a group of uricosurics and produces an inevitable effect on body organs and functions that balance uric levels in the organism. The treatment works advancing kidney functions that help to remove excess uric acid out of the body. Since the chemical may lead to crystal formation in joints and cause gout, the drug promotes a significant treatment of related conditions. Thus, Probalan is commonly prescribed as a treatment of gout, gouty arthritis, kidney disorders and similar complications. The medication can be combined with certain other drugs, especially antibiotics in order to achieve a better and faster action. Probalan can also be taken off-label for other health complications, but only after doctor’s recommendation. Do not give the remedy to patients under 2 years old.


How to Take the Medication and Get Advantageous Reactions


The medication should be administered in accordance with the doctor’s prescription. An average patient should take Probalan twice a day, preferably with much water to avoid possible kidney stones. Your healthcare provider will adjust a correct dose, based on your condition and response to the medication. Keep in mind that Probalan is not a pain reliever or emergency help. The medication should be regularly used to prevent and treat gout, gout arthritis and related issues.


Precautions and Contraindications for Probalan Intake


To benefit from Probenecid effect and experience no complications, a patient should follow the safety recommendations. Do not start the therapy if you are allergic to its ingredients. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid this medication, as it can cause severe reactions in an unborn or nursing child. People with certain medical diagnoses are contraindicated for Probalan use, including:


Kidney disorders;
Peptic ulcerative disease;
Anemia and others.


Probalan and Other Pharmaceuticals


This influential medication may produce a changed action or even undesirable reactions if it is administered together with other prescription or non-prescription drugs, minerals, herbal supplements, vitamins and other pharmaceutical products. Provide your doctor with detailed information about other treatments you are using, paying ultimate attention to:


Cancer chemotherapy;
Pyrazinamide and others.


Alcohol consumption may also significantly decrease the desirable Probalan action.


Probalan Complications and Side Effects


Reduced appetite, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, frequent urination and similar symptoms may occur during the first few intakes, when the organism adjusts to the components of the drug. However, call your healthcare specialist if these signs aggravate and activate more serious complications, especially:


Severe urination disorders;
Lower back pain;
Abdominal pain;
Abnormal stool;
Easy bruising and others.


Seek immediate medical assistance if Probalan administration resulted in dangerous allergic reactions or similar conditions.


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