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Generic Name: ropinirole (oral) (roe PIN i role)

Brand Names: Requip, Requip XL


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Requip is prescribed by doctors who have Parkinson’s disease either alone or with other meds. It works by improving their ability to move and reducing tremor, slowed movement, stiffness and unsteadiness. This medicine also reduces the number of episodes of not being able to move. This medication can be prescribed to treat restless legs syndrome, and it improves people’s sleep by reducing the urge to move legs and related unpleasant feelings. Requip works by restoring the right balance of dopamine in the brain.


How to Use This Medication


When using it to treat Parkinson’s disease, take Requip orally 3 times a day, with and without food. If you have nausea, take regular doses with meals. To decrease a possible risk of side effects, start this treatment at lower doses that can be slowly increased. When taking this medicine to treat RLS, it should be used orally once a day, a few hours before the bedtime. If you stop using Requip suddenly, you may start experiencing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, including muscle stiffness and fever, confusion and others. The right dosage of all patients is always based on their medical condition and response.


Unpleasant Side Effects when Using Requip


This medication may cause certain adverse effects, but they are rare and mild, including:


Dizziness and constipation;
Vomiting and nausea;
Unusual weakness and sweating;
Drowsiness and dizziness;
Dry mouth and headaches.


If they of these signs persist or get worse, report it to your doctor immediately. In very rare cases, some patients risk ending up with serious adverse effects that require medical attention, including:


Difficulty walking and moving;
Mood and mental changes;
Muscle spasms and cramps;
Unusual strong urges and reduced sexual ability;
Difficulty sleeping and memory issues;
Unusual anxiety and restlessness;
Chest pain and allergies;
Vision changes and swelling of feet and ankles;
Irregular, slow and fast heartbeats.


Basic Requip Contraindications


Some people who undergo this treatment may fall asleep suddenly, so it’s not allowed to drive or do other activities that require full attention because of possible risks. You may also have a sudden drop in your blood pressure that results in such annoying symptoms as nausea, dizziness and fainting. Before taking the first dose of Requip, inform doctors if you have any allergies to the medication. They also need to be informed about your medical history, especially if you have heart diseases, mood and mental disorders, kidney and liver problems, difficulty walking, sleeping complications, low blood pressure and some other conditions.


Finally, let your physician know about any other medications and supplements that you’re taking to avoid a risk of having dangerous drug interactions. Make sure that you don’t combine Requip with estrogens, antipsychotics, antihistamines, anti-seizure meds, narcotic pain killers, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants, etc.


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