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Brand Names: Rumalaya


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Rumalaya is a 100% effective topical product famous for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Basically, it’s quite effective when it comes to relieving joint pain and other similar symptoms.


Drug Description


It’s an effective topical remedy available in its gel form, and it contains only 100% herbal extracts with their powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Its use helps men to effectively relieve swelling, pain and stiffness of their affected areas. Besides, Rumalaya induces vasodilation, thus, improving people’s blood flow or lymphatic drainage. Based on its get form, this medication guarantees faster and better absorption with its targeted approach.


People can use Rumalaya for such medical conditions as knee and shoulder pain, rheumatic pain and backache, and other muscular and joint discomfort. Based on many clinical trials and studies, its effectiveness is proven in relieving pain and reducing inflammation. They prove that the use of Rumalaya helps patients to effectively relieve muscle and joint pain. This beneficial pharmaceutical product is developed and manufactured by Himalaya Herbals, a well-established and Indian-based company focused on health, beauty and wellness products.


Main Effects Provided by Rumalaya


What does this medication offer?


Improving blood circulation in affected areas;
Relieving muscle and joint pain;
Promoting muscular relaxation;
Enhancing joint mobility and flexibility;
Reducing swelling, inflammation and stiffness.


Its Active Ingredients


Indian Winter Green oil acts as a counter-irritant, and it causes a variation in body thermoreceptors when applied topically. Users feel cold sensation after applying it, and this effect is followed by a warm feeling. This active ingredient promotes their vasodilation by improving the blood flow. Boswellia extract is potent, because of its anti-inflammatory properties that allow it to reduce inflammation and other unwanted symptoms, such as swelling, pain and stiffness. Another great property is that this extract improves joint health by preventing unwanted cartilage breakdown.


Rumalaya is a powerful product that works by promoting vasodilation and reducing inflammation, because it contains Boswellia extra famous for its potent anti-inflammatory properties. It’s often used to reduce stiffness, pain, swelling and other symptoms associated with inflammation. Winter Green is another active ingredient included in its formula, and it acts as an effective counter-irritant that causes specific changes in thermoreceptors to promote vasodilation. That’s why Rumalaya is so powerful when relieving pain. The best part is that this effective herbal product is affordable and easy to use.


Possible Side Effects


Burning feeling and skin irritation;
Tingling and stinging sensation of the skin;
Decreased sensation in the applied area.


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