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Brand Names: Seroflo


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If you experience lung disease, coughing, bronchial spasm, asthma or other conditions similar to the ones mentioned, you might use Seroflo inhaler for prevention of them. This medicine is applicable in case of severe allergic reactions accompanied by shortness of breath as well.


Mechanism of Action


Seroflo contains two active components – salmeterol xinafoate (beta-two agonist) and fluticasone propionate (corticosteroid), which work by relaxing and widening air passages, as well as stopping production of substances causing inflammation and allergic reactions. Each ingredient is responsible for a special function. Salmeterol xinafoate stimulates beta two receptors, thus, initiating relaxation of smooth muscles in respiratory apparatus, while fluticasone propionate reduces the number of inflammatory cell mediators, which helps to get rid of irritation in the airways.


Dosage Information


Certainly, you need to inform you doctor before starting to take the medicine. Then, you will get a certain dosage prescribed, which is usually one or two puffs. Seroflo is to be taken on a regular basis to achieve better results. Before using an inhaler you need to check whether the mouth piece is clean, then tilt your head back and put the mouthpiece into your mouth after breathing out. While breathing in, press down the inhaler to release the medicine and wait for about 10 seconds holding your breath. If you are prescribed more than one puff, it’s recommended to wait 1 minute after the first puff. Remember that it’s not recommended to stop taking the drug abruptly.


It’s strictly prohibited to take more Seroflo than it was prescribed by your doctor, as it may lead to severe side effects. In case it happens, you need to immediately get emergency help. The symptoms of overdose are:


Chest pain;
Difficulty breathing;


Precautions and Contraindications


There are patients who can’t take Seroflo, as it’s dangerous for them because of the conditions they suffer from, such as:


Allergy to any component;
Heart attack or stroke;
Cardiovascular diseases;
Respiration disorder;
Severe liver conditions;


In addition, you are to inform your doctor if you take other drugs, as they may change Seroflo effect making the medicine useless or causing bad side effects. Also, there is a risk of combination of side effects.


Side Effects


Using Seroflo may be accompanied by various side effects. Some of them are just common symptoms which will disappear as soon as your body gets used to the medicine, but others might lead to serious disorders up to death, so you need emergency medical care when you experience them. Common side effects include:


Muscle cramps;
Weakness and tiredness.


The following side effects are serious, and you need to seek medical attention if you have them:


Difficulty breathing;
Difficulty swallowing;
Itching or swelling;


In general, Seroflo is considered to be an effective medicine. However, you should follow you doctor’s recommendations not to worsen your health state and achieve the desired effect.


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