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Looking for an effective medication to treat anxiety or hypertension you will find numerous alternatives. However, these medications usually cause severe side effects and undesirable reactions. Considering Serpina, it is inevitable to mention that it is an all-natural treatment that does not cause any side effects if used correctly. This herbal anti-hypertensive and anti-anxiety medication is made of snakeroot plant. A powerful composition of the treatment produces a drastic impact on the body, decreasing non-adrenaline stores. As a result, a patient experiences significant reduction of blood pressure.


Additionally, the medication affects andrenergic tone that balances anxiety. Consequently, the drug serves a revolutionary medication that can improve both conditions simultaneously. Moreover, Serpina is frequently used as a sedative, improving numerous psychotic issues. Ask your healthcare provider about off-label Serpina intake.

How to Take Serpina without Complications


Consult your healthcare provider before using Serpina, since to achieve the desirable results a patient should administer the treatment in accordance with doctor’s prescription and safety concerns. Provide the physician with information about other illnesses, health impairments and symptoms you have, as well as the remedies you use to decrease them. A medical professional will adjust a proper dose and length of the therapy based on these factors.


Serpina dose will definitely vary, depending on individual peculiarities of the patient’s health. Nevertheless, an average intake is two Serpina tablets used twice a day. A single tablet usually contains 4 mg Sarpagandha. Ask your doctor about other details of the treatment course and safety issues.


Never increase the medication dose, as it can lead to severe complications. Even if you have missed Serpina dose, you can take it the first possible moment. However, skip it in case the next scheduled dose should be administered soon. Do not double Serpina dose to avoid overuse with its complications.


Precautions and Contraindications for Serpina Intake


Despite the anxiety and hypertension treatment is 100% natural and contains herbal ingredients, it may interact with certain diseases and pharmaceuticals. Tell your doctor about all the health issues that disturb you. Mention prescription and non-prescription treatments, minerals and supplements you are administering to avoid undesirable reactions from their interaction with Serpina. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take Serpina. Besides, patients, who are allergic or sensitive to Serpina ingredients, are contraindicated for its use.


Serpina Misuse and Related Complications


The medication is completely safe if taken right. Any changes in Serpina intake may activate allergic reactions and other devastating complications. Contact your doctor immediately if you have noticed any abnormalities after Serpina use.


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