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Speman is a specific medication that helps manage male sexual functioning, increasing performance and advancing semen count. The treatment belongs to the group of herbal supplements with all-natural ingredients. The drug is indicated mainly for oligospermia, though it can sometimes be used for other purposes. Speman improves the functions of several body organs responsible for sperm production. Thus, affecting the seminal vesicle, testicles and epididymas, the medication balances the disorder and guarantees effective sex. Apart from the beneficial influence of the drug in the semen count, it is also characterized by increasing its quality.


Speman impacts the body in the following ways:


Increases spermatogenesis. Its herbal, 100% natural composition enhances the process of sperm formation in the body, simply balancing testosterone levels. Additionally, the produced effect also increases the sperm count and quality;
Promotes an antioxidant effect. The treatment features an antioxidant effect that decreases oxidative damage to sperm with the help of prevention of spermatozoa disruption membrane integrity;
Boosts sexual performance. The innovative formula of the treatment advances the overall sexual desire, libido and helps to achieve and hold a hard and stiff erection required for a successful sexual intercourse. Moreover, the drug has aphrodisiac properties that help eliminate the problem of seminal weakness.


How to Take Speman for a Definite Effect


Contact your healthcare provider before you start Speman intake. In certain cases the medication can activate undesirable reactions, especially if misused. Follow the doctor’s recommendations to get a maximally safe and beneficial effect. Provide your physician with details of your general medical condition, together with accompanying therapies you take in order to warn possible interactions with their dangerous consequences.


To achieve top-quality effects, Speman should be used in accordance with all the safety directions and doctor’s advice. An average dose sufficient for the condition improvement is 2 tablets administered 2-3 times daily. Keep using the drug even if the symptoms do not improve. It may take up to several weeks until you experience significant improvements.


Promoting Safe Treatment Course: Contraindications, Warnings and Possible Adverse Reactions


Inform a medical professional about the key risk factors you have, which may change the route of Speman action. This completely natural medication is not likely to cause complications, though it may stimulate side effects occurrence in patients, who misuse it or take it irrespective of all the contraindications. The drug is not advised for those who:


Are women and children;
Are younger than 18 years old;
Are diagnosed with severe heart disorders, etc.


Seek immediate medical assistance if severe allergic reactions or other disorders started bothering you after Speman intake.


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