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Generic Name: atomoxetine (AT oh mox e teen)

Brand Names: Strattera


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Strattera is taken by patients to treat ADHD as a part of their overall treatment plans that usually include social, psychological and other remedies. Basically, it works by helping them increase their ability to concentrate, pay attention, stop fidgeting and stay focused. This medication is suggested to work by restoring the right balance of natural substances or neurotransmitters in the brain.


Warnings and Uses


In rare cases, some patients who take Strattera to treat ADHD may experience worsening and different mood or mental symptoms in addition to suicidal thoughts and attempts. That’s why everyone needs to discuss possible risks and benefits with doctors. When taking this medication, if you notice the following signs, go to the hospital at once:


Unusual behavioral changes;
Mood or mental changes;
Other psychiatric conditions;
Panic attacks and increased anxiety;
Difficulty sleeping and hallucinations;
Irritability and delusions;
Angry or hostile feelings and impulsive actions;
Fast speech and unusual restlessness.


It’s necessary to take Strattera orally, with and without food, and most patients are prescribed to use it once or twice a day. The initial dosage should be taken early in the morning, while the second one is taken in the early evening. Avoid using this medication before the bedtime, because it may result in insomnia. The right dosage of all people is based on their response, medical condition and other factors. Take Strattera regularly and at the same time every day.


Possible Side Effects


Sometimes, this medicine may cause side effects, but most of them are rare and mild, including:


Constipation and nausea;
Vomiting and stomach upset;
Weight loss and loss of appetite;
Unusual tiredness and dry mouth;
Trouble sleeping and drowsiness;
Dizziness and reduced sexual desire.


If any of them persists, you need to report it to your physician. Most users don’t experience any serious side effects, but if you notice the following severe symptoms, get medical help:


Fainting and difficulty urinating;
Irregular and fast heartbeat;
Tingling and numbness;
Dark urine and stomach pain;
Yellow skin and eyes;
Unusual sweating and shortness of breath;
Arm or chest pain;
Confusion and slurred speech;
Sudden vision changes and priapism;
Allergic reactions.


Important Contraindications


Before taking Strattera, let doctors know if you have any possible allergies to its components or other drugs. Inform them about your overall health, especially if you have such serious conditions as glaucoma, prostate and bladder problems, adrenal diseases, heart ailments, liver and kidney problems, hypertension, mood and mental disorders, etc. Be sure to limit any alcohol when undergoing this treatment and don’t combine Strattera with certain medications because of possible drug interactions. For example, it’s contraindicated with MAO inhibitors.


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