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Generic Name: ivermectin (oral) (EYE ver MEK tin)


Brand Names: Stromectol


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Stromectol belongs to a group of anti-parasite drugs. Ivermectin serves an active ingredient of the treatment, promoting the necessary effect and eliminating bothering symptoms. The medication features a potent impact on the bacteria, blocking its development and spreading in the body. Stromectol is a revolutionary drug that is commonly used to treat various body infections caused by parasites. The pharmaceutical may be used for other conditions not listed in the safety leaflet.


Important Considerations: Warnings, Precautions and Contraindications


Considering a drastic impact of the treatment on the body, Stromectol therapy requires previous doctor’s examination and prescription. Tell your doctor about all the health impairments you have and conditions you are diagnosed with, especially:


Liver dysfunctions;
Kidney disorders;
Other disorders that weaken the immune system.


Such health problems may interfere with the course of the therapy, decreasing Stromectol effect, fully eliminating it or even causing dangerous side effects. Patients who are sensitive to Ivermectin or other components of the drug should avoid the treatment course.


Stromectol may affect the health of an unborn and nursing child, thus, breastfeeding and pregnant women should avoid the medication intake. Keep in mind that the treatment should never be administered by children weighing less than 15 kg.


Proper Stromectol Intake – Halfway to Successful Treatment Course


Use Stromectol according to your prescription and other safety instructions. The treatment cannot be used in higher or lower doses. Stromectol is an oral medication that should be used on a daily basis, preferably on an empty stomach. Take each pill 1 hour before a meal or 2 hours after it. Consume much water during the treatment course to keep kidneys and liver properly functioning.


To get the bacteria completely cleared from the organism, a repeated therapy may be required. Take Stromectol for the full duration of the prescribed course to get the desirable effect and complete condition clearance. Frequent medical tests may be required in order to track the effectiveness of the drug.


Complications and Adverse Reactions from Stromectol Misuse


This generally safe and effective pharmaceutical may activate a number of devastating side effects if misused or overused. The most common Stromectol reactions include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, dizziness, skin rashes, headache and others. The symptoms will improve after several medication intakes. Call your healthcare provider if the condition aggravates and its symptoms become bothersome. Seek immediate medical assistance in case you have got dangerous reactions after Stromectol use:


Allergic reactions;
Severe skin reactions;
Increased heart rate;
Uneven heartbeat;
Lightheadedness, confusion;
Vision disorders and others.


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