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Generic Name: tinidazole (tye NYE da zole)


Brand Names: Tindamax, Fasigyn


Where to buy Tinidazole online?




Tinidazole is a well-known medicine prescribed by doctors and taken by patients to treat a number of infections caused by specific germs or anaerobic bacteria and protozoa. Besides, it’s often used by those people who have any allergic reaction to penicillin. You can take it as a part of your treatment plan for stomach ulcers, too. There are certain questions and answers that should be considered before you start using Tinidazole.


What Should You Do Before Taking It?


Some meds aren’t suitable for patients with specific medical conditions, and that’s why you need to tell your doctor if you have any of these conditions:


Breastfeeding and pregnancy;
Drinking a lot of alcohol regularly;
Porphyria and possible allergies.


How Do You Need to Use Tinidazole?


Before you start this treatment, you need to read the label and consult your physician. Most doctors prescribe their patients to take this medication for one week, and their regular doses are defined individually. It’s advisable to take Tinidazole with snacks or at your mealtime to avoid stomach pain or ulcers, and you should drink enough water for the same reason. Take all doses at the same time every day to get the most out of this treatment.


How to Make This Treatment Effective?


To achieve this goal, patients aren’t allowed to drink alcohol because this combination can make them feel sick and lead to other unwanted side effects. Check the labels of all cold and cough products, because they may contain alcohol. Tinidazole is responsible for affecting certain live bacterial vaccines and causing false lab test results, so you need to inform medical specialists about its intake.


Can This Medication Cause Any Problems?


Along with the health benefits provided by this medicine, it may cause a set of unwanted side effects, but the good news is that only a few patients experience them, and it happens rarely. Moreover, most of these negative signs associated with the intake of Tinidazole tend to improve as the human body adjusts to this treatment, but people always need to tell their doctors about any of them to be on a safe side.


For example, you need to call your physician if any of the following adverse effects persist and don’t go away:


Upset stomach or vomiting;
Loss of appetite and sudden taste changes;
Headaches and constipation;
Stomach cramping or pain;
Dizziness and allergic reactions;
Weakness and tiredness.


Unfortunately, some side effects caused by Tinidazole can be severe, and you need to go to the hospital once you notice such serious signs as:


Seizures and hives;
Rash and hoarseness;
Difficulty breathing and swallowing;
Tingling and numbness of feet and hands;
Swelling and severe diarrhea.


In conclusion, there are certain medications that shouldn’t be combined with Tinidazole, because such combinations lead to its reduced effectiveness and your increased risk of having the above-mentioned side effects, so they must be avoided at all costs.


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