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Toprol XL

Generic Name: metoprolol (me TOE pro lol)


Brand Names: Lopressor, Metoprolol Succinate ER, Metoprolol Tartrate, Toprol-XL


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Toprol XL is an effective beta-blocker that works changing the heart functioning and blood circulation. Metoprolol, as an active component of the treatment, triggers the necessary reactions, improving hypertension, chest pain and related impairments. Besides, the treatment can be prescribed to prevent or treat heart attacks. Ask your doctor for off-label Toprol XL intake.


Using Toprol XL Effectively


Talk to your doctor before the medication intake. Use Toprol in the exact dose recommended by the doctor to stimulate the necessary effect and avoid possible complications. Never administer the drug in higher or lower doses. Take Toprol for the full duration of the therapy to experience the maximal possible effects.


Report any disorders to your doctor, so that he/she could change the adjustments and prescribe the optimal dose suiting the severity of your disorder and overall health state.


Toprol XL is the drug, which should be used orally, on a regular basis. Thus, take 1 pill each day, approximately at the same time. The treatment may be used with or without food. Frequent blood tests may be required during Toprol therapy. Do not stop the medication course abruptly, as it can lead to significant complications and health disorders.


Safety Recommendations for Toprol Intake: Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings


Talk to your healthcare provider before Toprol XL intake. Make sure the components of the treatment are safe for you, while the possible results are beneficial. Do not start the therapy in case you are sensitive to Metoprolol or similar beta-blockers. Additionally, patients with other conditions are contraindicated for the medication intake. Thus, you should not start Toprol XL use, if you:


Are under 18 years old;
Have sick sinus syndrome, decreased heart rate, heart disorders;
Are diagnosed with any circulatory issue;
Have dangerous heart failure;
Are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Additionally, provide the doctor with details of your overall health condition, including all the illnesses, disorders and complications you have:


Congestive heart failure;
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
Breathing complications;
Circulatory disorders;
Thyroid issues;
Liver or kidney impairments, etc.


Toprol XL and Other Medications


Inform the doctor about other medications, herbal remedies, vitamins and pharmaceutical supplements you are using to avoid possible Toprol XL interactions. The drug should not be combined with:


Mental illness treatments;
Argot drugs;
Blood pressure medications;
MAO inhibitors;
Prazosin, etc.


Possible Adverse Reactions and Side Effects


Toprol XL is a powerful drug that interferes with significant body functions. That is why, any abnormalities or complications during the treatment course should be immediately reported to a healthcare provider. Call your doctor in case the medication intake resulted in:


Extremely slow heartbeats;
Breathing complications;
Memory disorders, confusion and others.


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