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Generic Name: torsemide (TORE se mide)


Brand Names: Demadex, Demadex I.V.


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Torsemide belongs to a group of loop diuretics that affect the main body functions preventing abnormal salt absorption by the body. Instead, salt is passed in the urine. As a result, Torsemide is used to improve the symptoms of fluid retention in patients with accompanying liver disorders, heart failure, kidney dysfunctions and others. Hypertension may also be improved with Torsemide. Additionally, the remedy can be administered in other instances, not listed in the safety guide.


Precautions and Contraindications


Ask your healthcare provider about safety issues, warnings and other peculiarities of Torsemide use. Never start the treatment course until you are sure you meet all the requirements and have no contraindications. Patients under 18 years old as well as the ones allergic to the active components of the drug should not take Torsemide. Otherwise, they may experience certain complications and significant condition aggravation. Pregnant and breastfeeding women using Torsemide increase the risk of witnessing birth defects and undesirable reactions in nursing and newborn kids. Additionally, you should not administer the medication in case you have urination disorders or allergic reactions to sulfa drugs.


It is inevitable to provide the doctor with details of your health condition. Pay ultimate attention to the illnesses, disorders and impairments that may interfere with Torsemide therapy, especially:


Kidney disorders;
Heart-related complications;
Liver diseases and others.


Torsemide Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals


To ensure your overall health condition suits Torsemide administration, you should also consider other prescription and non-prescription drugs, minerals, supplements and pharmaceutical products you are using. Provide the doctor with a complete list of drugs you are taking, including:


Saliculates and others.


Safe Torsemide Therapy: Recommendations for Use


Follow the prescription and safety directions specified by your healthcare provider in order to get an advantageous effect and desirable results. Never take the drug in higher or lower doses. Otherwise, you risk getting dangerous side effects. Torsemide may be used with or without food. Your doctor may require frequent medical tests during the treatment course, especially if you are affected by liver disorders, heart-related conditions, etc. To completely improve the disturbing condition, your doctor may recommend you a combination of treatments. However, the information about the current therapies will definitely prevent possible interactions.


Side Effects and Abnormalities Caused by Torsemide Misuse


Severe allergic reactions, dehydration, symptoms of low potassium level, angina, weakness, fast breathing, speech impairments and other dangerous abnormalities that occur after Torsemide use require immediate medical assistance.


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