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Generic Name: alfuzosin (al FUE zoe sin)


Brand Names: Uroxatral


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Uroxatral is a popular medication taken to treat the signs of one common prostate gland condition known as BPH, or enlarged prostate. It belongs to effective alpha blockers, and it works by relaxing special muscles in the prostate and bladder neck. This effect results in the necessary relief of different BPH symptoms, including a weak stream, difficulty to start urinating, need to urinate at night, etc. However, don’t take Uroxatral to treat hypertension. Some doctors also prescribe it to help their patients get rid of kidney stones via urinating.


How to Use this Medication Correctly


Uroxatral is intended to be used orally only once a day and with food to ensure its greatest effects. Besides, taking it on your empty stomach may reduce its proper absorption and lead to decreased effectiveness. Patients aren’t allowed to chew, crush and split tablets, because this step will only increase their risk of having unwanted side effects. Sometimes, the use of Uroxatral may lead to dizziness or lightheadedness, so patients should be careful to avoid different injuries, including accidental falls. Their initial dosage should be taken right before the bedtime to let their bodies adjust to its effects. Anytime when doctors change your regular Uroxatral dosage, take the first one with meals and before your bedtime.

Unwanted Adverse Effects


There are different side effects that can be caused by this drug, including:


Headaches and reduced sexual ability;
Lightheadedness and dizziness.


Most people who take Uroxatral don’t experience serious side effects. You need to go to the hospital right after noticing the following dangerous signs:


Unusual weakness and tiredness;
Severe abdominal and stomach pain;
Yellow skin and eyes;
Dark urine and allergies;
Persistent vomiting and nausea;
Fainting and severe dizziness;
Irregular and fast heartbeats;
Prolonged and painful erections;
Chest pain and some others.


Basic Precautions before Using Uroxatral


Before you take the first dose, go to doctors and discuss possible risks if you have any allergic reaction to alpha blockers and other drugs. Inform them about your medical history, especially when it comes to liver and kidney problems, other prostate gland conditions, including prostate cancer, heart diseases, low blood pressure, etc. Uroxatral can make you feel dizzy, so don’t drive if you aren’t sure that you can do it safely. Don’t drink alcohol when taking this medicine. Older men are more sensitive to its possible side effects, especially dizziness.


Finally, you should find out more about the drug interactions related to Uroxatral. Avoid taking it together with some specific medications, including ED meds, pills that treat BPH, drugs that lower blood pressure, azole antifungals, HIV protease inhibitors, macrolide antibiotics, etc. That’s because they may result in drug interactions and increased side effects.


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