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Generic Name: isoxsuprine (eye SOCK soo prin)


Brand Names: Vasodilan


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Vasodilan to Promote Blood Circulation


Vasodilan is a revolutionary medication that has a powerful composition responsible for a drastic positive effect. Isoxsuprine belongs to a group of vasodilators powerful to relax arteries and veins that promote easier blood circulation to diverse body organs. Such an effect stimulates a significant improvement of certain health disorders, such as arteriosclerosis, cerebral vascular insufficiency, Reynaud’s disease and others. Moreover, the medication can be administered off-label for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide. Ask your doctor about the safety level of such therapies before their beginnings.


Safe Vasodilan Use: Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings


Talk to your healthcare provider in case you want to benefit from Vasodilan treatment course and experience no complications. The powerful composition triggers a strong influence on the blood circulation that may lead to significant health problems, if taken wrong. Thus, a patient should make sure he/she meets all the requirements for Vasodilan use and is not contraindicated for the drug intake.


Provide the doctor with detailed information about the severity of your condition, overall health state, other diseases and health impairments you have in order to get a correct dose adjustment and get the maximal advantage out of the medication course. Vasodilan should not be taken by patients, who are allergic to Isoxsuprine or other components of the drug. Patients, who have severe bleeding disorders, are contraindicated for the medication use. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should obligatorily consult the doctor before the drug intake. Otherwise, they increase the risk of undesirable impact on the health of a nursing or unborn child. Vasodilan should never be used right postpartum.


Recommendations for Vasodilan Intake


Follow Vasodilan prescription without any changes to promote fast and effective results. To achieve the best possible effects, your healthcare provider may occasionally change the prescription. However, you should never increase or decrease the dose on your own.


Vasodilan is a medication for regular use. Take pills orally, with water. Vasodilan is usually administered over 3-4 times a day for optimal influence. Frequent medical tests are required for a safe treatment course, as they help to check the succession of the therapy.


Possible Side Effects and Complications


Generally, safe Vasodilan may activate various side effects, if overused or misused. Thus, report any complications to your healthcare provider. Stop using the drug and seek medical help if case you have got the signs of dangerous allergic reactions.


Call your doctor if milder complications have appeared, especially:


Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
Uneven heartbeat;
Weakness, dizziness and others.


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