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Generic Name: enalapril (e NAL a pril)


Brand Names: Epaned, Vasotec


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Vasotec is a powerful representative of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. Enalapril, the active component of the drug, helps improve blood disorders and heart complications in children above 1 month old and adults. Due to the innovative composition and a drastic impact on the body, Vasotec is commonly prescribed as a hypertension remedy. The treatment is frequently advised in order to improve the symptoms of congestive heart failure. Additionally, the medication is given to patients, who have ventricles disorders. Ask your doctor about off-label Vasotec use.


How to Administer Vasotec Right: Uses and Doses


Talk to your doctor before the medication intake to promote safe and effective therapy. Keep in mind that the slightest drug misuse can lead to significant disorders and health complications. Never change the adjusted dose and related features. Report any condition worsening or other abnormalities to your doctor. Vasotec should be used on a regular basis, either with or without food. Frequent blood tests are required during the treatment course. Liver and kidney functions should also be regularly checked. Visit your doctor often during Vasotec therapy to achieve the desirable effects without complications.


Vasotec dose is individually prescribed for each patient, based on information about severity of his/her condition, overall health state, medication used and related issues. However, the most common Vasotec dose ranges from 2.5 mg to 5 mg taken orally once a day. The maximal safe dose reaches 40 mg in single or divided doses.


Vasotec Safety Issues: Precautions, Contraindications and Warnings


Do not start the medication intake without previous doctor’s consultation. You should not start the therapy in case you are allergic to the components of the remedy or have any of underlying or accompanying conditions, such as:


Angiodema or its history;
Allergy to other ACE inhibitors;
Pregnancy and lactation, etc.


Additionally, provide the doctor with details of other illnesses you have, especially:


Liver or kidney disorders;
Stroke, blood clots;
Congestive heart failure, heart disease;
Electrolyte imbalance and others.


Vasotec and Other Pharmaceuticals


Inform the doctor about medications you are using, since some of them can interact with Vasotec leading to undesirable complications. Do not use the medication together with:


Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
Drugs to avoid organ transplant rejection;
Lithium and others.


Vasotec Reactions and Complications


Seek medical assistance if you have noticed any abnormal symptoms or reactions after Vasotec use. Pay ultimate attention to dizziness, drowsiness, allergic reactions, lightheadedness, symptoms of increased potassium, kidney disorders, low while blood cell counts and others. Since there are many minor side effects that are not listed here, you should warn your healthcare provider about any complications.


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