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Generic Name: diclofenac sodium


Brand Names: Voltaren, Voltaren-XR


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Voltaren is NSAID anti-inflammatory medicine. It reduces the number of substances in the body, which cause pain and inflammation. The drug is used to treat:


Mild and moderate pain;
Rheumatoid arthritis;


Voltaren can also be prescribed for purposes not mentioned here.




The medication can enhance your risks of getting a heart attack if used for a long time. Moreover, patients without heart problems can also face above mentioned side effects. Voltaren should not be taken before and after bypass surgery. If you have an allergy to diclofenac, you shouldn’t use the medicine. If you have ever had asthma attacks after taking aspirin and various NSAIDS, you’d better not consume the drug.


To make sure the medication is safe and effective for you, tell your healthcare specialist about:


Stomach ulcers;
Kidney or liver problems;
Heart problems;
Fluid retention.


If you have taken Voltaren during the last 3 months of being pregnant, it can easily harm the fetus. Certainly tell your pharmacist about pregnancy or plans to conceive. It’s unknown whether Voltaren is passed into the breast milk or if it’s harmful to a nursing baby. It’s not recommended to breastfeed during the treatment. The drug is not approved to be taken by children younger than 18 years old.


How to Take It


Voltaren should be taken the same way your doctor has prescribed. Carefully read the instructions on your prescription label. Your healthcare provider may indicate you a different dose to get better treatment results. Do not reduce or decrease the amount of prescribed Voltaren or consume it longer than it was recommended. Start with the lowest dose, which may be effective for your current health problem.


Swallow the tablet whole with a glass full of water. Do not crush or chew it, as it can destroy the special coating, which can result in various side effects. Remain in a standing position during further 10 minutes. If you have stomach problems, you can consume it with food, including milk and antacids. However, it can slow down the drug’s absorption and detain pain relief. When taking the medication for a long time, it’s recommended to take medical tests regularly.


What to Avoid


In order to get better treatment results, you should avoid consuming alcoholic drinks while taking Voltaren. Various alcoholic beverages may enhance your chances of getting stomach bleeding. You should not consume aspirin and other NSAIDs. Ask your pharmacist about using other allergy, cold and pain medicines. A lot of over-the-counter drugs contain aspirin, so always check the label of each medication you are planning to take to see if it contains aspirin.


Side Effects


Stop using the medication if you get the following side effects:


Skin rash;
Fast weight gain;
Shortness of breath;
Urination problems;


Many people complain about having headaches, diarrhea, gas, constipation and stomach pain. Ask your doctor for more detailed information concerning all possible side effects.


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