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Generic Name: ranitidine (ra NI ti deen)


Brand Names: Taladine, Zantac


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Zantac – Decreasing Dangerously High Amounts of Acid in the Stomach


Zantac is a medication that is classified as histamine-2 blocker. The innovative formula of the treatment with Ranitidine, being an active component, allows significant reduction of the acid amounts produces in the stomach. Thus, Zantac is commonly recommended as a treatment of intestinal and stomach ulcers. Additionally, the remedy is effective in other instances, related to overproduction of acid in the organism, especially Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, etc. Moreover, the treatment can be administered off-label to improve other complications, not listed in the leaflet.


Contraindications, Precautions and Similar Safety Issues


Talk to your healthcare provider before you start Zantac therapy. The medication has multiple important requirements and warnings the patient should take into account. Zantac is contraindicated for people, who are sensitive to its active components. Besides, the ingredients of the drug may harm the health of an unborn and nursing child, so striving to avoid such an impact, pregnant and breastfeeding women should eliminate the drug use.


Inform the doctor about other illnesses you have, paying attention to the ones that may interfere with Zantac therapy:


Liver diseases;
Kidney disorders;
Porphyria and others.


Keep in mind that Zantac intake can increase your risk of getting pneumonia with its symptoms being:


Chest pain;
Breathing disorders, etc.


Moreover, certain pharmaceuticals used together with Zantac may decrease its effectiveness and in some cases even develop side effects. Warn your doctor about other prescription and non-prescription drugs, herbal supplements and other pharmaceutical products you are currently using.


Administering Zantac with the Maximal Effect


Administer Zantac strictly in accordance with the doctor’s prescription and safety recommendations. To achieve the optimal effects the drug should be taken in the correct dose and for a full length of the treatment course. The duration of the therapy may differ depending on severity of the condition, but generally it takes up to 8 weeks. The symptoms of ulcers may improve faster, but a patient should continue the treatment course till complete ulcer healing.


Mind that Zantac may change the result of multiple medical tests, so infrom the physician about the medication intake. Never change the adjusted dose to avoid complications.

Possible Complications Caused by Zantac Misuse


Stop the medication intake the moment any allergic reactions started disturbing you. Call your doctor if you have noticed other side effects or bothersome abnormalities after Zantac use, especially:


Vision impairments;
Abnormal bleeding or bruising;
Increased heart rate;
Breathing problems;
Drowsiness, dizziness;
Nausea, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting and others.


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