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Tramadol vs Codeine

If you suffer from serious pain problems, then you know just how much it can interfere with your ability to take care of important business throughout the day. Serious pain conditions can be brought on by any number of things, but when it’s chronic you have to take measures to lessen it as to not allow it to become overwhelming. Two good medicational options that can help in this regard would be Tramadol and Codeine. Here’s a short description of what each of these medications are and what they can do.


Tramadol is a form of narcotic like pain reliever. It’s used for the sole purpose of treating moderate and severe pain problems. There’s an extended release version that’s designed to offer treatment around the clock for pain problems. However, this version of Tramadol isn’t designed for use on an as needed basis for pain problems.


Codeine is a form of opioid medication. It’s sometimes referred to as a narcotic. It’s used in order to help treat pain that is mild to moderately severe.

So which one of these medications is the better option, Tramadol or Codeine?

Both of these medications work pretty well for what their designed to do. When each of these medications is used the right way they can offer relief for different forms of pain that will make it easier for a person to cope with what otherwise would be a tough ordeal. If you want a means to compare these two though then the first thing we have to focus on would be which one is better known. Codeine is the better known medication here. It’s almost the go to medication at hospitals when a person is in severe pain. Does this mean it’s more reliable? Does this mean it’s more trustworthy?

The answer is yes and no. It does work and it is trustworthy. The only negative is people tend to get hooked on the medication easily and ultimately they require heavier doses in order for it to have the same affect it had in the beginning. The possibility for abuse is so strong that doctors are very careful about prescribing this medication. This means even if you do seriously need it you might have a hard time getting a doctor to give it to you and create more resistance if you ask about it by name.

Tramadol is just as effective as codeine is, but it isn’t as well known. It doesn’t carry the same reputation for abuse as Codeine does. This means doctors will feel more comfortable prescribing it (assuming it’s a drug they feel comfortable prescribing at all, because some doctors stick to only what’s well known). Tramadol should also be less expensive, which means if you did need it on a consistent basis you would be more likely to keep up with the expense then if you used codeine.

For these reasons if you had to choose between one of these, the slight edge would have to go to Tramadol.

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