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Tramadol vs Soma

If you suffer from serious pain problems or if you have pain that’s brought on due to muscle issues, then you will want to use medication in order to help you deal with the short term discomfort. There are two major medications that are known to offer relief in this case. Tramadol and Soma. Neither of these medications is that well known if you go by the name only, but this doesn’t mean they both aren’t effective at treating pain. Here’s a short description of each medication.


Tramadol is a form of narcotic like pain reliever. It’s used for the sole purpose of offering relief for moderate and severe pain. There’s an extended release version available as well that’s designed to provide around the clock treatment for pain issues. However, this form of the drug isn’t available for use on an as needed basis for pain treatment.


Soma is a form of muscle relaxer that’s able to work by blocking out different pain sensations between different nerves and the brain. It can be used in combination with rest and physical therapy in order to treat serious injuries as well as various painful musculoskeletal conditions.

So which one of these medications is better for you, Tramadol or Soma?

When you’re trying to decide which medication is better for you there are different criteria you can use. For most people they want to make sure a drug is going to work for them properly so they can get the relief they want. What’s really important though is that a drug doesn’t come with side effects that would make it tough for you to go about daily activities. You want relief for pain, but you don’t want to be at less than one hundred percent as a result.

What’s important here is to look at which drug is going to offer more than just simple treatment for pain. This means which drug is designed to be used as a short term compliment to other forms of treatment that would seriously see you being better after a short period of time. Tramadol works pretty fast, but it seems to be geared towards people who might need to rely on it longer than usual. These are people who might be well past a certain stage of healing or other forms of treatment. In this case there’s no telling how long a patient can be on the medication. It does work fast though and is effective.

Soma on the other hand works well as a standalone option, but it’s not meant to be relief on by itself. The drug works best when it’s used in conjunction with rest and physical therapy in order to get you back to one hundred percent. Seeing as how the drug is designed to help muscles relax, it is limited in the types of pain it can attack though and it can come with the side effect of making a person feel sleepy or low energy throughout the day. For the person that needs rest though this can be a good thing and actually help them to heal faster as far as the source of their pain is concerned.

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